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March 11, 2006 by trina_p
Yesterday we went to Kindermusik on the bus and Lady (maroon thomas the tank engine train) came too she got driven over the seats at the bus stop, driven over the seats and walls on the bus she carried it the whole walk to Kindermusik and back and picked her up as soon as the lesson was over . "Doors closing please stand clear mmmmmmmmmmm" Which is of course what the Electric trains in QLD say/sound like as they pull out of the station and Lady is a steam train.
Kids Got Issues.
After Elana's...
February 28, 2006 by trina_p
Elana - ABC?
Mummy - You want to do your ABC?
Elana - A (aye)
Mummy - A
Elana - B (bee)
Mummy - B
Elana - C (see)
Mummy - C
Elana - F (eff)
Mummy - D
Elana - F
Mummy - E
Elana - F
Mummy - F
Elana - G (gee)
Mummy - G
Elana - J (jay)
Mummy - H
Elana - I (eye)
Mummy - I
Elana - J
Mummy - J
Elana - L (ohl)
Mummy - K
Elana - L (el)
Mummy - L
Elana - P (pee)
Mummy - M
Elana - P
Mummy - N
Elana - P
Mummy - O
Elana - P
Mummy - P
Elana - Q R S (que, arh, ess)
Mummy - ...
February 6, 2006 by trina_p
I've attempted to write something twice now and each time it gets wiped somehow so we're trying again one last time.

Elana is now 26months and the last time I wrote was her birthday - alot has happened, so this will be long.

The surprise present Elana made for her grandparents was a plate - Nana's was blue and Grans was pink and they each had a purple hand print in the middle we wrapped them up and they got them as a Christmas present from Elana.

We put our tree up a couple of days late...
December 6, 2005 by trina_p
Last night I couldn't sleep combination of 30degree heat, worrying about Elana being too hot or too cold and yeah stuff and being excited about Elana's birthday.
I woke up at 5:30am then again at 5:55am and again at 6:10am and each time Nick and Elana were both still asleep -- unusual for everyone (I'm the one who needs to be woken and forced out of bed)
As soon as I heard her I said lets go but Nick wanted me to get her while he set up the pop up tent and put her other presents inside it.

December 5, 2005 by trina_p
It was about this time (5pm) two years ago that I was at the hospital hooked up to the monitors and being told I wasn't in labour (my contractions which were about 4minutes apart had completely stopped once the monitor was hooked up) and that I should go home (40minute drive) but before I went they decided to do an internal exam.

Too their disbelief they found I was 5cm dilated and in fact was in labour so they told me to stay they'd check again around 9pm - 10:45pm arrived and I was 8cm on ...
November 8, 2005 by trina_p
We're moving on Saturday. We signed the lease yesterday and were supposed to pick up the keys this morning but we didn't. The movers are coming between 10 and 12 on Saturday and I've hardly packed a thing.
Because as I was looking around trying to decide where do I begin it occured to me half this stuff isn't suitable for boxes and hence the magic of woolworths/coles green bags they're sturdy, they're lighter then boxes and they have handles.

But once the packing is over and you've unpacked ...
October 28, 2005 by trina_p
I feel like I've been neglecting Elana.

Wednesday I woke up with a really sore throat and a runny nose and constant sneezing - I thought I had hayfever so I took a clarantyne but it did nothing, Nick said go to the doctor I knew better and didn't.
Wednesday night we both got NO sleep because I was so stuffed up and congested and just plain gross sick and Nick's saying "I told you to go to the doctor" and he took the day off work to look after Elana so I could rest. I slept until 10 and I'd m...
September 20, 2005 by trina_p
Elana had her first bowl of "Cheerios" (the cereal not the sausages) this morning she ate the with her fingers it was messy but I allowed it (it was hard not to control her and I did fail at times and spoon feed her in between)

But I tried giving her dry cheerios to see what she'd do (all american books/blogs with children have them eating cheerios) and she tipped the bowl out on the floor so I picked them up and only gave her a handful at a time.

She took them out of my hands 3 or 4 at ...
September 12, 2005 by trina_p
Lately my daughter has become more and more feminine.

I'm responsible for her dressing and thats why she wears alot of pink and purple but I offer her a variety of unisex toys.

Blocks, cars, trains, drums, keyboards, puzzles, books.

A few weeks ago I bought her a stroller because she kept trying to push chairs (and her pram) around the house. And my mother bought her a doll.
Last week she learnt about hugging dolls - she puts the doll over her shoulder and pats it on the back saying a...
September 1, 2005 by trina_p
Elana will be 21months next Tuesday which is really weird. I was sick yesterday which left me too weak for us to go to Kindermusik this morning.

Elana's been playing really well with her toys, books and stroller so I've had a bit of peace. Yesterday Nick stayed home from work and I slept all day in Elana's room but her door doesn't close and she made a game of running up the hallway to push it open before Daddy could get her.
So in the afternoon he took her for a walk for an hour and I slept...
August 15, 2005 by trina_p
Just for you chottu

So we discovered she's got another tooth coming through and 3 others about to break any time soon - hooray. Once we found this out we realised we could give her something for the pain she was not so obviously in - she'd been happy during the day, no excessive drooling, no unusual grumpiness, she had been off her food but I was used to that (thought it was just my cooking) and so we didn't think about teething because she was just waking up - ALOT.
Once we saw the tooth an...
August 9, 2005 by trina_p
It's 5 past 9am. Elana is lying on her tummy watching Bambaloo (have I mentioned I hate bambaloo?) having been awake since 4 freaking AM.

Yes apparently she woke up very upset but I only woke up when I rolled over and there she was sitting between me and Nick - at 4am. She lay/sat/stood between us until 20 past 5am when Nick turned the tv on to see the time and she and Nick got at at 6am. I managed to doze until 7am when I had to get up to give her weetbix and iron nick's clothes -- it was th...
July 7, 2005 by trina_p
The funniest thing just happened.

Okay against the wall near my kitchen is a cardboard coke can box (30 pack) there's maybe 6 cans in the box - they're for LANs anyway the box is there.

On Tuesday afternoon I was searching all the places Elana takes things (under the cot, under the change table, in the playroom, at the front door) if I've lost something chances are Elana's taken off with it and it's in one of these places - I was looking for my 1/4 cup because I was making risotto for her ...
June 28, 2005 by trina_p
I have the hiccups, they're quite violent, I'm trying to suppress them but it makes them louder and more violent.

I hiccup and hiccup and hiccup and Elana laughs and then she FAKE hiccups.

I hiccup she fake hiccups
I hiccup she fake hiccups

My 19month old is mocking me.
June 27, 2005 by trina_p
When too much water goes under the bridge, how much rain can fall before it collapses completely?