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Published on August 4, 2004 By trina_p In Blogging
My MSN looks funny right now -- this probably shouldnt be in any category but the ramblings of a silly girl category BUT

the people online on my msn list are
a bunch of irrelevant people - (including roc - I rock at fixing stuff which I totally misread when he first signed in)
In00briated -- which is Mugz - I just mentioned that because if he read this and thought he was irrevelant he might get cut - but the people are irrelevant because they have nothing to do with Matchbox 20
Rob (who's my dad)
Thomas (cs guy)

but the thing I found funny was Rob Thomas - the lead singer of matchbox 20 -- uhoh I've got bright lights in my head now "baby baby baby "

On second thoughts I'm going to put it in blogging because it really is about nothing

on Aug 04, 2004
you are nuts. i want you to know that. but i love you anyway

i don't think monday night is going to work, i finish uni late and have my first day of work the following day.
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