and some of my Favourites
Published on June 25, 2004 By trina_p In Books
Cecelia Ahern - PS I Love You

Diane Blacklock - Wife for Hire (interesting - woman who doesn't know how to be anything except a wife and mother suddenly finds herself alone when her husband leaves her)

Liz Byrski - Gang of Four - Link

Arlene J Chai - Black Hearts
Eating Fire, Drinking Water
The last time I saw Monther

Joy Dettman - Henry's Daughter (Lori has 12 brothers - she's Henry's only daughter)

Suzannah Dunn - The Queen of Subtleties (a book simultaneously written by Anne Boylen and the woman who made the subtleties (sugared stuff) - very interesting

Robert Evans - The Kid Stays in the Picture

John Grisham - The Firm

Liu Hong - Startling Moon

Marian Keyes - Lucy Sullivan is getting married
Watermelon (Clare's hubby leaves her minutes after she gives birth)
The other side of the story (3 separate stories connect)
No dress Rehersal
Postcards from the bed
Rachels Holiday (Clare's sister in Rehab - think 28days)
Last Chance Saloon
Sushi for Beginners

Louise Limerick - Dying for Cake

Lesley Lokko - Sundowners - Link

Liane Moriarty - Three Wishes (female triplets!)

JoJo Moyes - Sheltering Rain

Rebecca Sparrow - Girl most Likely

Danielle Steel -- Jewels
Lone Eagle
Granny Dan
The Wedding
The Ranch
The Ghost
Mirror Image

Kris Web & Kathy Wilson -- Sacking the Stork (Bridget Jones has a baby)
Inheriting Jack (similar to Raising Helen meets Bridget Jones meets ...... oh its good)

There's one missing - it's about a girl who grows up in Communist China - follows her life from Age 4 on to College but I can't remember the name or author -- my MIL recommended it but she's not home to ask -- it was very interesting though. (startling moon)

My Favourite Books

The Deep End of the Ocean - Jacqueline Michard
Where the Heart is - Billie Letts
Charlotte's Web - EB White
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
The Ancient Future/Celestrial Triad Series - Books 1, 4, & 6 are the ones I'll reread over and over again
The Ancient Future - The Dark Age
Echo in Time - Atlantis
Masters of the Universe - The Gathering
Chronicle of Ages
Tablet of Destinies
The Cosmic Logos
Lord of the Flies - William Golding
The Cat ate my gymsuit / theres a bat in bunk five / Can you sue your parents for malpractice - Paula Danziga
Judy Blume (everything) Forever
Came back to show you i could fly - Robin Klein
Say Goodnight Gracie

Danielle Steel --- Mixed Blessings, and Message from Nam

This list is by no means exhausted but it'll do for now.

Books on Order from the Library

The Alphabet Sisters - Monica McInerney. Your position in the holds queue: 58

Brother & sister - Joanna Trollope Available pickup at: IPY

My sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult Your position in the holds queue: 4

Anna Karenina - Tolstoy, L. N. (Lev Nikolaevich), Your position in the holds queue: 1

A tree grows in Brooklyn - Betty Smith Your position in the holds queue: 1

Vinegar Hill - A Manette Ansay Your position in the holds queue: 1

The joy luck club - Amy Tan Your position in the holds queue: 1

Josephine and me - Brenda Little Your position in the holds queue: 1

The Red Hat Club - Haywood Smith Your position in the holds queue: 31

Lorelei's secret - Carolyn Parkhurst Your position in the holds queue: 1

Just the ten of us - Margaret Rohan Kelly Your position in the holds queue: 1

Full Fathom Five - Kate Humphry Your position in the holds queue: 1

The Great Indoors - Sabine Durant Your position in the holds queue: 1

on Jun 25, 2004

Let me know when you get Anna Karennina, and you and I will read it together...I bought it, but haven't started it yet.

I can tell you that you will love 'Vinegar Hill', I know I did.

I also think you'll like 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold, and 'I Know This Much Is True' by Wally Lamb, as well as 'She's Come Undone' (same author)

Would 'The Bonesetter's Daughter' be the title that you're looking for?

You've given me a lot of ideas of books to read, Trina, Thanks!  I'm going yard saleing in the morning again, looking for more books.

on Jun 25, 2004
The thought of reading Anna Karenina scares me -- it's so grown up - I've never seen the movie but I've read biographies on Greta Garbo. But I'll pick it up if it's there on Friday and I'll try.
Unlike you and Teresa I can only read one book at a time. I get the plots mixed up enough AFTER I've finished let alone while I'm reading.

Nope - doesn't sound familiar - It's about this girl who can remember before the revolution started her mother used to take her somewhere to sing - when she's 5 she has to go live with her Grandmother and then the communism ends and she's older now and people are allowed to see plays, watch movies and sing

I love my bro-inlaw (and my mil) - Startling Moon - Liu Hong

Which books do you think you'll go looking for?
on Jun 26, 2004

Hmm....'The Pilot's Wife' (dunno who by) 'The Notebook' by Nicholas Sparks, 'What crazy looks like on a normal day'...anything that looks like a reasonably good story and isn't by Mills and Boon or Harlequin! 

Anna Karennina indimidates me a bit as well!  I heard it's an awesome story if you can plow though it though.....

on Jun 26, 2004
Wow....I envy you having that much time to read.  I seldomly have enough time to read even a chapter or two in a book a week.   (Get home from work 5:30 to 7:00 depending on the day- then have to get dinner on the table and spend time with the kid, and then get up at 5am-6:30am depending on the day- doesn't leave much time to read).  I have read a lot of kids books to my daughter, though, if that counts
on Jun 26, 2004
Elana can't read - as much as she tries. I read during the way while Nick's at work and Elana is napping - I read while watching Tv, listening to music or blogging - like right now I was reading then I saw this pop up so I'm replying and then going back to the book - Nick and his brother are playing Xbox - he bought it today
Plus a fair few of those books I read in the last few weeks of pregnancy when I couldnt work and it was too hot to do anything else
But I've always been a fast reader