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Well we told Elana last week about the baby.

We were waiting until after the 19 week Morphology scan so we could tell her it will be a brother/sister and then we had our scan the same day we got the keys to the new house and suddenly the upheaval of moving became priority to telling her about the baby.
Almost 4 year olds who DON'T like change can only handle so much.

She did fine over the move. She went to Grans house for the first time but she didn't sleep. Apparently she was fine until Natalie went to bed and she woke up when they turned the light off. Elana doesn't sleep with a night light so the disturbance was enough to wake her I guess.
Then she was apparently up until 3am then got up at 5am.
She had a nap when she got home and slept fine that evening but my poor in-laws.

Anyway we told her about the new baby that was in Mummy's tummy a week after we moved.

The morning of the scan/lease she went to Day Care and they told me they could help prepare her for the news of a baby so they took her to the nursery and talked about siblings and babies in group time.
So she came home and asked if she could have a baby.

Elana sitting on the floor of the new house an hour after we got the keys (while waiting for Nick to come back with a load of stuff) eating macaroni & cheese "Can we get a baby"
Mummy - stunned
Elana "Can I have a brother?, M & C (teachers) said one day I could have a brother or a sister. can we get a baby"
Mummy recovered "Yeah, maybe one day"
Elana - "If I'm good?"
Mummy - laughs -- No, sweetie, a baby isn't dependent on whether you're good or not it just takes a long time so one day we might get a brother or sister.

Mummy & Daddy talk and wonder if perhaps they should have told her that afternoon but persist in just making that week about the transition from Old house to New House.

Following Friday
Elana - Can I get a Brother
Mummy -- What about a sister?
Elana - Sister's are yucky, I want a brother.
Mummy - Well, we are going to have a baby, and we think it will be a sister. Right now she's growing inside Mummy's tummy and she won't come out for a long time after (Mummy rattles off everyone's birthday until her due date in March)

I tried to keep it very low key and we read a book called "There's a House Inside My Mummy" which I thought was very good and did NOT give too much information to a child who does not need to know how exactly babies are made.
She decided quite early on that her baby sister would be called Apple, because her name is Banana (Elana-Banana) and Apple has stuck which is brilliant because I keep having to stop myself from calling #2 in my tummy the names I called Elana when she was in utereo. It was very important to me they each have their own individual names.

This pregnancy has been almost Identical to that of Elana's. Except I didn't know at 6 weeks that I was carrying a girl. I had no intuition this time and it was only at my NT scan (12 weeks) that I started feeling that I was having a boy.
I had no real reason to believe I was having a boy, I didn't have any more or less morning sickness then last time, I didn't have any different food aversions or cravings and I really really wanted a second girl (so maybe that's what it was)
The week before my 19 week scan I had a dream that the sonographer told me the baby was a girl and I woke up thinking hmm that's weird and a week later I had my scan -- deja vu

I have one name I am completely sold on (Elana was named at 6 weeks and then I changed my name 3 times before going back to Elana and giving her the middle name Grace the afternoon I was in labour.) and so far I haven't changed my mind.
Technically I was only seriously looking at boy names for 15 weeks but...

I have a middle name in mind but I'm waiting for Nick to agree. At the moment we both really like the first name we have which is surprising for us because he have VAST difference in name taste.

We're due over Easter next year. Planned that well. One baby born three weeks before Christmas and the other on or around Easter every year. Also didn't plan having lots and lots of gorgeous summer newborn outfits when Easter is Autumn.
#2 was very planned though we've been waiting a little while but we knew it wasn't ever going to happen on our own perfect timing anyway.

E's getting a single bed between her birthday and Christmas and then Apple will get her cot. We have lots of clothes, and toys but we want to get a new pram/stroller and Nick wants to get a sling.
We're all pretty excited about Apple. She's very active at the moment - unless Nick puts his hand on my tummy and then she goes all shy. I'm trying to convince him that she stops moving because she's soothed by his presence.
He thinks I'm full of it.

Won't be long now though and she won't have any where to hide. The movements are getting stronger and more pronounced that I could definitely see the waves tonight while eating dinner -- unfortunately Nick was out at a Ruby meeting

Belly shot at 17 weeks
Belly shot at 20 weeks - Nick's in the background playing Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii
Apple at 12 weeks looking very Alien -

Elana in a Box - It was actually her "plane"

on Nov 19, 2007

I think it would be hilarious if she asked, "Why did you eat a baby?"