Published on July 11, 2007 By trina_p In Home & Family
Today Elana and Mummy did some baking.

She cracked the egg, added the milk and butter, mixed it all up, spooned the mixture into the tray - man I wish I'd thought to take a photo of that - although you can see the cooked result.
Then she had a bath and we washed her hair which is like the worst part of her week ever!
Came downstairs and we made the icing - she started spooning it onto the cakes but then decided to let me do it while she did the sprinkles.
Oh and she sat in front of the oven and watched them cook -- which is when it clicked that I should photograph this event

She also

Helped me dry the breakfast dishes. She wrapped the bowl like a baby and then rubbed it and put it away in the drawer.
Then instead of hanging the tea towl on the cupboard door she put it inside the cupboard.

on Jul 11, 2007
Awww, she's such a big girl.
on Jul 11, 2007
OMG, she looks so grown up! I love the photo of her watching them back.

Nice to see you Trina --you should definitely photoblog more often!
on Jul 15, 2007
Thanks guys long time no see!

Brandi - speaking of big I dropped by your blog and saw not only your baby girl but your giant grown-up boys.

Sabrina - did you get some chocolate?

Shades - well I got a digital camera for Christmas and a photobucket account just after so I'm going to work on it