Published on November 16, 2006 By trina_p In Blogging
Today I put Elana in the bath with her track suit pants and knickers around her ankles.

Elana was driving me crazy today she was just very very grizzly she really wanted Nick to be home from work and wasn't very easy to console.
By the time bath time came around I was so over it she got Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner.
So I ran the bath while she was sitting in Nick's chair listening to her playlist on Nick's comp (Wish You Well - Bernard Fanning, Don't You Think It's Time - Bob Evans, Fix You - Cold Play, One Crowded Hour - Augie March, More than a Feeling - Boston, Wake me up when September Ends - Greenday, Happy Days theme, Nanana hey hey - Temptations and Forever Young - Youth Group.)
I brought her upstairs, undressed her - assumed she actually took her pants off her ankles when I pulled them down, lifted her up and put her in the bath.
She stood there and cried "Mummy pant's mummy pants"
I'm like what the? And I lifted her up out of the water - pants soaking wet around her ankles.

Took them off put her back in the bath was about to clean the floor when she's like "Wee mummy, wee"
Grabbed her out of the bath again, placed her on the toilet - she wee'd and I put her back in the bath.

Then I got to clean up the water mess. After I tortured her.

more commonly known as Washing her Hair!

on Nov 16, 2006
Isn't parenting grand? Believe it or not, days like this prove that moms are made of some pretty tough steel.

Sounds like after Elana is fast asleep, mom is in need of a serious Calgon moment.

Calgon moment=

You know, that crazy thing women do so enjoy and find excruciatingly relaxing:

Nice hot bath w/candles, soothingly soft music, and a couple glasses of your favorite wine.

Take one and enjoy it Trina, sonds like you deserve it!