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My kid is funny.

Today was dress up day at playgroup so she went as a fairy princess. My mum worked in an Op Shop and she used to give me bags of clothes she'd collect for E. Drove me crazy. But she had this white flower girl dress - yellow stains - it's got a satin bodice and a satin peticot and there's all this tulle over the top with a zig-zag hem.

I bought a $6 tiara, rings & necklace set from Kmart (the rings are in the cupboard she didn't get them) and a $3 pair of wings from Target


I have 2 dolls from my childhood that are 65cm tall 43cm head cir 44cm waist 9cm feet.
One was caucasian the other is dark. The caucasian one is now very yellow she had brown hair which now sticks out every which way and her eyes have been poked out - her name is Tracey and I took her everywhere with me.
Mum tells stories about the dirty looks she used to get from strangers in the shopping centre when she was carrying Tracey around in a less then maternal fashion.
The brown doll as far as I know didn't have a name - it was always referred to as the black/brown doll/baby.
Mum found both dolls at home the other day - I'd left them there when I got married and she brought them up on Friday.
Tracey was in a plastic bag, I looked at her with her very broken eyes and scary yellow skin and decided to leave in the bag and when I get the money and find a good place I will get her restored properly.
The brown baby was in pretty good condition - one of her eyes has no lashes. She had paint on her skin and her clothes were filthy but Elana saw her and fell in love.

I got the paint off with a magic eraser, found one of E's onesies and a old pair of jeans and "chocolate baby" had to come shopping with us. First time any doll has ever been shopping. She had to have her own stroller, be strapped in the seat beside her - Elana pushed that stroller the whole time we were shopping. She even told us that the baby had to get up out of the stroller and walk. (she didn't)
On the weekend Elana told us the baby's name was "Baby Anne"
No idea where that came from since all her dolls are called Baby or Dora or Rosie.
Rosie came with a name, Baby Dor was named Dora by my mum when she was given to E well before E discovered Dora the Explorer there are two dolls called Baby and then there's a Dora the Explorer doll called Dora.

She's named 3 things herself before Baby Anne came - Tim = green giraffe, Nathan = brown rabbit and Maisey = pink rabbit.
And we don't know anyone called Anne and there are no television characters called Anne...

So far this week Baby Anne has been to two naps, she's had her teeth brushed every night, she got tucked into the carebear couch last night, this morning she had to have weetbix with Elana and at lunch she had to have a sandwich and water.
I managed to convince her that Baby Anne was eating very special invisible weetbix/sandwich but it was a fight she was quite upset at the thought of Baby Anne not getting a sandwich too.

Last night I was putting her pyjama's on her and she said "Where are you going Enana"
So I asked "Where are you going Elana"
Clear as day she said "I'm going to the shops"
When I asked what she was going to buy at the shops (her usual reponse is "go shops, buy milk") she said
"I'm going to buy Wiggles biscuits"
She said "Where are you going Enana" again so I asked - she said "I'm going to the shops to buy Daddy biscuits" (E calls Cruskets Daddy biscuits because when she had gastro daddy said "please eat these for daddy")
I said you're going to buy Wiggles biscuits and Daddy biscuits?
She said "Yes, and dahl and broccholi and carrot and spirals"


Elana will be 2 years 10months in 3 days. We've been potty training her over the last three weeks.
It's been going really well, the last two days we've been out for 3hours and she's been in knickers the whole time and she's asked to go when she needs to and there's been no accidents. We've even had two dry naptime pull-ups.
I think we've even had pretty dry night time nappies - there have been soe very early mornings though. She's still in a cot.

There are many humorous potty conversations.
Today's -
E - "Mum"
M - "Mummy"
E - "Enana no talking to Mummy Enana just talking to Mum"


She also cheers for me when I'm in the toilet now - even when I'm in the loo and she's in her chair eating lunch.

"Do wee Mummy"
"Here comes the wee"
Hooray *claps* Good work Mummy

Daddy got cheered on the other morning too - "Good job Dadddy"


5minutes ago she was telling me about the bee that had gone up the hill and there was a butterfly.


Earlier today she was eating a sandwich for lunch. She doesn't much like crusts so she was just eating the middle but she'd left like an inch of middle per sandwich so I pulled them off the crust and told her to eat the middles. She started stuffing them all in her mouth and a said "Enana Cookie Monster" **********************************************************

I asked her what she wanted for dinner earlier - she said spirals, I told her we didn't have any, she said Mac & cheese and I said no.
So she said "Potato, sauce (gravy), sausage, green spinich, peas, brocholi and carrot"

She so didn't get that from me.

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Mum still has one of my dolls from when I was a kid.  She's got faded felt tip all over her face from where my brother got mad at me and scribbled all over her  - she looks like a Maori warrior!

I can't believe Elana's almost 3!  How time flies....

on Oct 11, 2006
Thanks for joining the comment party over at Mary's!
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Hi I am here from Owlhaven. I also have my old doll. I cut her hair, and she was/is called Victoria Emily!