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Elana's been sick all day watching dvds etc so I only just saw this.
While I wasn't a fan there is no doubt that he is an Australian Icon
Apparently he was stung by a stingray and died from heart failure on the way to the hospital. His family are believed to be in Tasmania but the news has had said there's been now word from Australia Zoo.

How sad for Terri, Bindi and Bob and how even sadder that next year the first anniversary of his death will be Father's Day.

He was 43.
RIP Crocodile Hunter.

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead

September 04, 2006 02:14pm
Article from: The Courier-Mail

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THE Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, is dead.

He was killed in a freak accident in Cairns, police sources said. It is understood he was killed by a sting-ray barb that went through his chest.

He was swimming off the Low Isles at Port Douglas filming an underwater documentary and that's when it occured.

Ambulance officers confirmed they attended a reef fatality this morning at Batt Reef off Port Douglas. Irwin's body is being flown to Cairns.

It is believed his American-born wife Terri is trekking on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and is yet to be told of her husband's death.

Irwin - known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter - is famous for his enthusiasm for wildlife and his catchcry "Crikey!".

The father of two's Crocodile Hunter program was first broadcast in 1992 and has been shown around the world on cable network Discovery.

He has also starred in movies and has developed the Australia Zoo wildlife park, north of Brisbane, which was started by his parents Bob and Lyn Irwin.

Tributes have already started pouring in for the larger-than-life character.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, who used a photograph of his family at Australia Zoo for his official Christmas card last year, hailed Mr Irwin for his work in promoting Australia.

Irwin was heavily involved in last year's "G'Day LA" campaign.

"The minister knew him, was fond of him and was very, very appreciative of all the work he'd done to promote Australia overseas," a spokesman said.

A Tourism Queensland spokeswoman said the death was shocking and paid tribute to Irwin's "enormous contribution" to his adopted state.

Louise Yates said it was impossible to quantify how much Mr Irwin had meant to the Queensland tourism industry.

"I don't think we could even estimate how much he brought us through his personality and his profile and his enthusiasm about Queensland," she said.

"It would be difficult to estimate how much he was worth. And it would be difficult to underestimate."

She said Irwin had been a larger-than-life ambassador.

"It's not just what he brought but what he took with him when he travelled, his passion."

Australia Zoo, on southeast Queensland's Sunshine Coast, employs more than 500 people and attracts thousands of visitors every day.

But Ms Yates said it would be "unfair and unjust" to put a dollar value on Irwin's worth to the state, because of how much he had given.

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on Sep 04, 2006
I would have really loved to have met that guy....he was someone who was doing what I would love to do....and still hope to do someday. Call me crazy, but that's one hell of a life to lead.

on Sep 04, 2006
Sorry I posted the exact same thing an hour after you - you must have been quick on the news! Still pretty crazy to be stabbed by a stingray!
on Sep 04, 2006
I am surprised by amount of disparaging remarks flying around the net about this man.

He was a man who took risks yes, that was his trademark, that and his zesty enthusiasm for the animals and other creepy crawlies.

He had an enthusiasm that literally bubbled out of every pore of his body. An enthusiasm that got your attention when you watched one of his programs.

This man took risks, and he did know exactly what he was doing most of the time if not all of the time. Those risks always came with warnings to his audience.

Personally I think his death is a great loss to education and documentary television.

I salute you Steve Irwin
on Sep 04, 2006
How many people out there can honestly say they enjoy their job with such great enthusiasm and zest.

He died doing what he loved best.
on Sep 04, 2006
This is the first news story I saw when I turned on the tv this morning. Truly sad news. At least he went out doing what he loved.
on Sep 04, 2006
At least he went out doing what he loved.

Yes. Unfortunately.

So sad for his young family. He was good at what he did and I always enjoyed watching him. May he rest in peace.
on Sep 04, 2006
ABC are replaying an Andrew Denton interview from 2003, there are tributes scheduled for the rest of the week. And interestingly enough the founder of the Australian Democrat Party Don Chipp and famous children's author Colin Thiele also died this week.
Don Chipp is getting the other half of the Denton slot - his 2004 interview but I heard about Colin Thiele on a parenting forum it hasn't made the news which is really sad too.

A quick search says that posted an article about it 3hours ago so maybe there will be something tomorrow. FWIW Colin Thiele wrote Storm Boy, Danny's Egg, The Fire in the Stone and my favourite Pinquo.
on Sep 04, 2006

I just saw the new on MSNBC and I actually got teary eyed over it.  That doesn't happene very often....I can usually take or leave celebrity deaths.  However, Steve Irwin was a genuinely nice guy who not only had a passion for what he did but who understood the necessity of the ecosystem - a lot of 'zoo' or 'animal' celebrities don't understand that, they're more into getting photos taken of themselves with the animals.

I feel so sorry for his wife and kids.  Bindi's 8 and Bob's not even 3...I can't even imagine how it's going to be for his wife anf them in the next few days.  (actually I can, and that's why I feel so bad for them).

on Sep 04, 2006
I have to admit, I didn't watch his show much, but Jennifer hit it on the head. He had such enthusiasm for what he did that you can't help but admire him. It's a real loss to the animal lovers of the world. And it sucks that he went at such a young age - I'm sure he would've rather gone in a way like that, but not with such a young family. If only this had happened in this eightieth year . . .
on Sep 04, 2006

I am surprised by amount of disparaging remarks flying around the net about this man.

So am I.  And I fail to understand the source of it.