We Have a Winner
Published on June 29, 2006 By trina_p In Home & Family
"No, we're not eating yoghurt in the toilet"

Elana's miserable she's got a cold and is crying about everything. I put track pants on her instead of jeans (they're warmer and they're quite pretty with flowers on the bottom they're not her ratty round the house pants) she wanted to wear the shirt with the butterflies on it (it's dirty so I told her we'd wash it and she could wear it tomorrow when we went shopping) she wanted to walk down the stairs so I started down then she screamed till I went back up. I carried her downstairs and we got some yoghurt.
I set her down in at her table & chairs and gave her the yoghurt and went to the bathroom. Two seconds later she comes in and hands me the yoghurt to feed her. She then runs back out and gets a chair and put it down in front of the toilet.
By which point I've handed her the yoghurt and gone to stand up wash my hands and walk out of the bathroom. She's still sitting in the chair.
When I say those words - "No, we're not eating yoghurt in the toilet"

We definitely have a winner.

on Jul 16, 2006
Oh how cute!
on Dec 23, 2006