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Elana is coming up on 30months - 2 & a half it's when we stop talking in months -- I think.

Today I started teaching her about big letters and little lettters and about her surname. She already recognises a few letters E (Elana) D (dorothy dinosaur/daddy) M (mummy) N (nana/natalie) A (alligator/Alex) and G (gran/granpa/grandma)
Sunrise (morning news program like GMA or NBC-Today) has a scrolling news bullitan down the bottom of the screen and yesterday morning she stood there for 5 minutes watching it scroll and pointing out all the "E eh-nana"
So today I attempted to teach her about big letters and little letters - she hasn't quite got it yet, but she'll get there.

Elana loves music.
Today she learnt Do Re Mi. My favourite line is "Grey a dop of goden sun" and "So a dink wi dam an bread" (she says jam & bread for both So & Ti)
She LOVES Wake me Up When September Ends by Green Day and More then a Feeling by Boston.
She requests Nick play them daily. Sometimes she asks for Sember ens and sometimes she says "summer as coming fast the innosess an neber ast wakey up when ensember ends"

She also likes You're Beautiful by James Blunt (nah nah nah nah etc) I wish I had a video recorder to tape her singing as she does now before she grows that bit older and learns the real words and pronounciation correctly
Oh and she's a BIG fan of Matchbox 20 (Real World is her favourite)

She loves music.
Her favourite Hi-5 dvd is Hi-5 hits vol 1 Nine of their song of the week songs and the band teaches you the dance moves. Anytime Elana has had the opportunity to watch a dvd in the last 3months it's that one. She knows ALL the songs and alot of the moves and even the words to the presenters are saying when they explain the steps.

We still go to Kindermusik, we're talking about enrollments for next term - we're pretty sure we will it's just a case of finding the money to do so. She gets so much out of it we'd be silly not to keep going. She's made friends and she recognises them and they her, all the children have been together for 2 terms now (28weeks) and are comfortable around each other and the parents and teacher that they're really interacting. They talk and sing and don't run amok so much.
We're pretty sure next term is a given what's not so certain is the 5-week holiday program. The normal 15week term is $260 and you get the home kit, an instrumnet, 2 cds, 3 books, and a gift. The holiday program is 5 weeks $120 it's a longer class and you get home materials & a gift but I just don't know if I can justify it.

But Elana loves music and this term is over in 2 weeks. The 5 week course starts in July and then next term starts in August. Yeah who knows.

We've taught her Matchbox 20, James Blunt, Green Day, Boston, David Bowie, Hi-5, Wiggles, Playschool, Sesame Street, Do, Re, Mi and the Happy Days theme song next up...

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