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I've been on JU for over two years - I know this because I clearly remember writing my "i'm 21 on the other side of the world" blog the day after my birthday and it's 5days after my 23rd birthday so it's definitely two years.

I'm 23.

I feel so old.

I had a really great day despite the Origin loss. Rin made me cupcakes and bought me a Jersey with my name on it (my senior jersey got lost 3years ago) it's a state of origin jersey but it's not really obvious and there's a "trina" embroidered into the top right hand side. I was so excited - it's my name

I also got Centre Stage (micah & caleb) & Pretty Woman (jess), Serenity, Notting Hill and The Dish ($60 JB voucher from Peter),
Two toned gold/silver Earrings, 50years of Australian televison book, camera, Australian legends 2 cd and X-men game from Nick & Elana
Jumper and 8 wine glasses (set of 6 and a pair of handpainted with fragapanis) from my parents
A purse (long slim red) from Peta and James

I had pepper steak for lunch with my parents and had pizza for dinner with Nick.
Saturday night a group of us went to Montezuma's - it was really yummy.

I feel so old. We went to bed just after 11 on Saturday night and I was exhausted. My 19th birthday we all went out in a huge group after an engagement party and a few of us stayed out until 4am and then got up for church the next morning after 3hours sleep. It was a regular thing to only get 4 or less hours sleep on a Saturday night and then get up for church in the morning and 4 years later I'm exhausted if I get minimum of 6hours
23 is old.
Or is it just motherhood?

on May 29, 2006
I got over thinking 23 was old and now I feel old too again!!

lol! At least your life is full: you have a baby, a wonderful man, and I dont know you're probably buying a house or something, me I have nothing, d'oh! hehe!

Say with me, 23 is not old, it's all in my head, wooosssaaaaah....
on May 29, 2006
Happy Birthday, Trina!

I'm 27, and I'm not old. 30 is old. You just keep pushing "old" back. Then you'll never be old!
on May 29, 2006

WOW!  You made out like a bandit!  Good stuff there!!

Isn't that movie Center Stage awesome?  or maybe you haven't seen it yet?  It's one of my favorites.

Believe me,  23 isn't old,  I should know cause I was 23 for almost 3 months before I got pregnant with my daughter,  then I got old fast after she was born...old and tired. 

Now my son says I'm "sick and tired"  all the time,  but what does he know at 29? Right?

on May 29, 2006

P.S.  Sorry! 

Happy Birthday!!

See, forgetting is part of being old....  

on May 29, 2006
Happy Birthday!

I'm 24, and I definitely don't consider myself anywhere close to old yet. Old isn't until you buy a station wagon
on May 29, 2006
Happy birthday. 23 isn't old. Hell, I'm 7,342 and I'm not old.
on May 29, 2006
OLD? At 23?

jeepers.......then what am I? I am the mother of a 23 year old.

Let me tell you this. I went running last week with a 19 year old girl. At about 4 miles into a 5 mile run this girl said to me....."you're in pretty good shape." I knew she was hoping I'd stop soon.

You're only as old as you feel. It's not age really but how one looks at it.

Happy Birthday.
on May 29, 2006
Hehehe... I'm 22. Does that make me young?

And now, one of my favorite quotes:

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.
~Lucille Ball
on May 30, 2006
I'll be 28 in 8 days and I still feel 21 Well, ok...I do seem to be waking up with random things being in pain, which is not a good sign, or so I'm told

Don't feel bad, it's not over till you hit 30

Happy Brithday!

on May 30, 2006
Happy Birthday Babe!

Ohh Trina, these are my thoughts exactly. In 4 weeks I will also be 23, and I have to admit I am not looking forward to it. Even though in the big picture it is nowhere near old, I can't help but feel that life is flying by far to fast. Ahh well I am sure I will get over it soon, and be worried about hitting 24 before long, haha.
on May 31, 2006
Thankyou everyone.

IG - yeah husband, baby no house but it's the baby who makes me feel old she keeps getting bigger and more energetic and I know I'm not unfit but I also know this motherhood gig would have been easier when I was used to functioning after really late nights whether it was being out in the city or studying for a big exam although that would just have brought more issues so
Actually I'm very thankful, I've had two pregnancy scares in the last 18months (on the pill) and it got me thinking if either of those negative HPT's had been positive I could have a 6month old baby right now or I could be due in September either way there's no way I'd be a good mummy too Elana

Thankyou for all the birthday wishes I had a wonderful week Elana said or sang happy birthday to me every 5 minutes. It's like she'd forget and then suddenly remember so she'd just run over and say "habby birday mummy" and then run back to wherever she was.
on Jun 29, 2006
umm...23 is so not old.

Try 39, like I just turned. Perilously close to 40 if you ask me/

Mary, mom to many