Now I know how Homer feels
Published on April 29, 2006 By trina_p In Home & Family
Elana has started calling me by my nickname Treen (Trina is short for Katrina and then it gets shortened again to Trin (treen) lol Australians!)

She calls me Treen. She started some time last week. My parents sometimes called me Treen when I was younger, Jess & Rin have called me Treen off and on for 10years and Nick occassionally calls me Treen too but now my two year is doing it.
It starts out "Mummy, Mummy Mummy, Treen, Treen" like she's getting my attention and Mummy wasn't working.
Then it'd be "
Yes Elana
Yes Elana

Then two mornings ago I walked into her room to get her up for the day and she said "Treen!"

She now thinks it's funny so she just says it.

Nick tells me not to respond and to be strong.

Rin told me that Micah called her Corinne in shopping centres because there were lots of Mummy's around, and one of the children in Elana's Kindermusik class calls his mother Madonna - Donna or just Don.

So it's not uncommon but still we worked really hard to be 'Mummy's'. We carried them for 40weeks, endured morning sickness, heartburn, kicks to the bladder, constant peeing, explosive nappies, explosive tantrums, tears, bathtime madness (Elana hates having her hair washed "all binished") food fights, the list goes on and on.

The title Mummy (& Daddy) is like our reward. We earned it. We don't go through all that so our children can call us by our Given names.

on May 02, 2006
Ahh now I know why you asked me that question. Madison does sometimes call my sister by her name, but it isn't often, and it's usually just to get a reaction. Don't worry chick, you are Mummy, and it is something that she will grow out of. Nick is right, just try your best not to react, and you will get through it! Take care x
on May 02, 2006
My sister almost hates to be called mom. Of course my nephew only says it 3000 or so times before she has a chance to answer. She looked at him one day and told him "I am going to change my name to damn it so you can't say it anymore".