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December 5, 2006 by trina_p
Happy Birthday Elana Grace!

My baby is three today.

Elana Grace P came into the world at 1:21am on Saturday 6th December 2003. She weighed 3600 grams or 7 pounds 15 ounces, was 50cm long with a 35cm head circumference.
She had the cord wrapped around her neck twice but had really good apgar scores and the doctors weren't worried because they didn't tell me (and Nick didn't either) I read it on my chart two days later.

For about 20days she's been counting down to this day "Birthday on t...
June 16, 2005 by trina_p
Got my lay-byes off last night SO excited.

Pink cord pants
Brown cord skirt
green & pink tank top (that's 2 tops 1 green 1 pink)

AND my shoes!!! - my black colorados the same as my brown ones

So now that I have my cords I can wear my new (well I got if off layby 2 months ago but I haven't been able to wear it) denim jacket because I'm of the opinion that unless they are EXACTLY the same denim you can't wear denim on denim. And my jeans are stonewash and my jacket is dirty so they don'...
August 22, 2004 by trina_p
In the past couple of weeks I haven't been so excited about blogging or even reading other peoples blogs on JU as I had previously been. All that SPM vs the housewives stuff, and the Emma/Ashlee stuff has kinda made it no so fun anymore.

When I tried to write about things happening in my life that had nothing to do with Elana I got slammed by two anonymous people who somehow stumbled onto my blog (and it wasn't through referrals) and it was back up by a "friend"
I think what hurt the most is...
July 7, 2004 by trina_p
Today I'm blogging for me.

Yesterday just because I could I was looking at old files on this laptop - the laptop is Nick's old one and the old files were MSN chat logs- I was only interested in reading the conversations he was having with me -- boy did I make a mistake going there.

Reading a chatlog from 2years ago.............I felt like I had NO idea who that person was - she called herself variations of trina like I do but she was 19 going on 14 and I feel like I'm 21 going on 30. Th...
July 6, 2004 by trina_p
I moved this because I really liked it and it got bumped by my Orgin nonsense article and I didn't want to delete them but I still wanted that article to be on top

and because I can I just want to say - I love this song
Hunters and Collectors - Throw your Arms around Me everybody go out now and buy a Hunters & Collectors CD - with songs like throw your arms around me, when the river runs dry and THE HOLY GRAIL you can't go wrong.

Go now!!
May 23, 2004 by trina_p
Happy Birthday to Me!!!

(Monday 24th May) - I'm 21 today - it's weird and I don't feel any different but I have more stuff

Yesterday we had friends over for lunch - Nick roasted 2 legs of lamb and made up some tabuli and hummus and cut up some salad vegies and fetta and olives and we had kababs - with lavash bread - it was soooo good!!!
Then we had cake - from the Cheesecake shop - YUM!!!!! Mocha mud cake 3 layers filled with 2 layers of coffee flavoured cream and topped with 2cm thick c...