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April 6, 2008 by trina_p
Introducing Alice Jo Margaret P. Little sister to Elana Grace aged 4.

Our little Apple was born on March 20 at 3:37am after a very interesting labour at 39 weeks 4 days. She was 3.65kg (8lbs) 51cm and had a head circumference of 33.5cm.


After a false labour at 38 weeks 4 days where we discovered an irritable uterus and she was half posterior she turned in the following week.

Elana got a vomiting bug on the Monday night and wasn't feeling the best Tuesday but she picked up ...
May 31, 2006 by trina_p
Elana is coming up on 30months - 2 & a half it's when we stop talking in months -- I think.

Today I started teaching her about big letters and little lettters and about her surname. She already recognises a few letters E (Elana) D (dorothy dinosaur/daddy) M (mummy) N (nana/natalie) A (alligator/Alex) and G (gran/granpa/grandma)
Sunrise (morning news program like GMA or NBC-Today) has a scrolling news bullitan down the bottom of the screen and yesterday morning she stood there for 5 minutes w...