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August 10, 2004 by trina_p
It's kinda silly and I'm not crying anymore but I was about 2hours ago

I had a pretty good day today - My parents came over and we took Elana to the park and then we had fish & chips for lunch afterwards.
Got home and Nick got home a bit later and about 5ish Andy called to ask if I wanted to go to the hospital to see Jess - which of course I did. But 20seconds after I got off the phone I remembered I had a blocked nose -- I have that winter nose - actually its a winter and a summer nose - yo...
August 4, 2004 by trina_p
It was roughly this time 15 weeks ago (april 22) that I wrote my first blog - it seems like much longer and then again not that long ago.

107 articles
496 replies
6 pages (I remember being excited when it was just 2) Link
numerous irrelevant comments on other peoples articles (I wonder if anyone has those numbers - I wonder who has the most comments in total ever)

Since this is my 108th blog and 108 holds no significant importance to anything I'm just going to write about well nothing. ...
August 4, 2004 by trina_p
My MSN looks funny right now -- this probably shouldnt be in any category but the ramblings of a silly girl category BUT

the people online on my msn list are
a bunch of irrelevant people - (including roc - I rock at fixing stuff which I totally misread when he first signed in)
In00briated -- which is Mugz - I just mentioned that because if he read this and thought he was irrevelant he might get cut - but the people are irrelevant because they have nothing to do with Matchbox 20
July 27, 2004 by trina_p
I have Matchbox 20 in my head - It just popped in - I was thinking about the first line I was going to type - what to say when suddenly "It's sitting by the overcoat, The second shelf, the note she wrote That I can't bring myself to throw away "

I don't have a clue why that line popped in my head and I don't know my my mind skipped the rest of the verse and went on to "And I'm soTerrified of no one else but meI'm here all the time I won't go away "

Reach down your hand in your pocket
July 26, 2004 by trina_p
I'd like to write a really profound thought provoking blog someday.

But I doubt that day will come soon - but I still want to blog about something so in celebration of my own insane randomness I'm just going to keep talking about whatever pops into my head and post it.

About 3 minutes ago I walked out into the lounge to turn the kettle on and the radio was on - it was All Star United - I love all star united but I'm not a fan of the particular song that was being played by the radio dj man...
July 18, 2004 by trina_p
It is my fondest wish that the following will leave your mouth watering and drooling with jealousy. And the Australians will rush to Brisbane and book a table for the winter menu.

Saturday night Nick's dad came over to be in the house while Elana slept - so we could go out for dinner for our Wedding Anniversary. (Which is today - Monday 19th)
We had an 8'o'clock reservation at Venice a bar/cafe` on the river in Brisbane. It was our fourth visit to this restuarant & once again we weren't disa...
June 17, 2004 by trina_p
It's 1:11pm and I've only just logged onto Joeuser like half an hour ago. This is big news for me. It's Thursday and I can't remember what I did Monday (yes I can it was a public holiday) but I do know that Tuesday and Wednesday I was on JU almost the whole day ----Tuesday was so bad Nick left at 8am and I put Elana back to bed and jumped on JU - in my defence I was heavily following MP's Ryan White, BS's homophobia and PB's Life in the Firing line - which were all long and hotly controversal to...
November 16, 2006 by trina_p
Today I put Elana in the bath with her track suit pants and knickers around her ankles.

Elana was driving me crazy today she was just very very grizzly she really wanted Nick to be home from work and wasn't very easy to console.
By the time bath time came around I was so over it she got Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner.
So I ran the bath while she was sitting in Nick's chair listening to her playlist on Nick's comp (Wish You Well - Bernard Fanning, Don't You Think It's Time - Bob Evans, Fix Yo...
May 29, 2006 by trina_p
I've been on JU for over two years - I know this because I clearly remember writing my "i'm 21 on the other side of the world" blog the day after my birthday and it's 5days after my 23rd birthday so it's definitely two years.

I'm 23.

I feel so old.

I had a really great day despite the Origin loss. Rin made me cupcakes and bought me a Jersey with my name on it (my senior jersey got lost 3years ago) it's a state of origin jersey but it's not really obvious and there's a "trina" embroider...
May 24, 2005 by trina_p
It's not my birthday anymore (well it still is in some JU homes but not mine)

I had a really good day yesterday, I got to sleep in a little, Nick made the coffee, and he did some dishes and he got Elana up. I got the two of us ready after he left because we were going out.

I got my hair cut and coloured. I had a Red Rooster Rooster Roll & chips with juice for lunch and I watched 9 episodes of Friends. (I'm addicted to those rooster rolls ever since Grease I've had 3 since Grease)

Nick c...
May 11, 2005 by trina_p
I saw Grease the musical last night with Rin and Nick.

Nick's dad Kim came over after Elana had eaten her vegetables but before custard and the bottle. I'd already put her in her pjamas ready to go to bed all he had to do was give her the dummy, put her in bed with her blanket turn on the aquarium and walk out. Easy. He had no problems whatsoever. She apparently kept bringing the same book to him had her bottle as normal and went to bed (without the dummy - that was a big surprise I came home...
March 14, 2005 by trina_p
Which is probably the most exciting thing I can talk about that's happened

It's Tuesday again so I thought I'd do a week in review update (two weeks)

So my last "update" was feb 21 - and I said I was thinking about going to the shops it get cocoa pops and biscuits - well I didn't go to the shop. But that afternoon or the next Nick brought home cocoa pops. Which was cool.

You heard all about the faintale, Cate Blanchett winning the oscar and Elana's adventure with her blanket. -...
September 20, 2004 by trina_p
It is 8:33am - Elana is sitting in a Breville Breadmaker box with some of her toys and I'm almost asleep.

You see Elana refused to have a nap at anytime yesterday so she fell asleep on her bottle at 6pm last night - she drank half of it stopped drinking and rolled over (in her sleep) -- we put her to be about 6:45pm (her bedtime is 7pm)
Last night I watched the Emmy Awards and the special on Channel 9 (I flicked) and was intending to watch some if not all of the Brownlow Medal awards. But I ...
July 29, 2004 by trina_p
There is no colour in the above selection that could represent a bowl of cocoa pops but since the bowl I ate them from was white with a blue rim - I choose to write in blue

MMMM Cocoa Pops.

It's 4pm on a Thursday afternoon - and I just finished my second bowl of cocoa pops.

See I had breakfast this morning at 7:30 with Nick - he made bacon & eggs and toast - and I made that into a sandwich. MMM bacon & egg sandwiches - and then he went to work and I continued on with my day. About 10am ...
July 28, 2004 by trina_p
babies that turn intelligent people into babbling idiots?

I find myself regularly speaking an octave or two higher then when I speak to "adults" when I'm speaking to Elana - I find myself speaking absolute jibberish -- and I don't mean too - Elana is a baby but she's intelligent just because we can't understand her doesn't mean she can't understand us - She knows what we're saying - so why do I find myself singing everything Oh look you smell so lets go change your nappy (diaper) -- and why d...