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May 23, 2005 by trina_p
I'm 22 today. This means my blog is like 13months old.

Nick & Elana woke me up late (7am instead of 6:45am) and they gave me presents, Nick made me croissants and coffee - it was lovely.

I got Friends Season 1 and 2 on DVD, the dvd of Princess Bride which means I have it on all media (VCD, VHS and DVD) HOOORAY!!!!!!!!! I got a book that looks really interesting it's about this Indian who wins who wants to be a millionaire but gets thrown in jail because they think he muct have cheated - I'...
May 11, 2005 by trina_p
I saw Grease the musical last night with Rin and Nick.

Nick's dad Kim came over after Elana had eaten her vegetables but before custard and the bottle. I'd already put her in her pjamas ready to go to bed all he had to do was give her the dummy, put her in bed with her blanket turn on the aquarium and walk out. Easy. He had no problems whatsoever. She apparently kept bringing the same book to him had her bottle as normal and went to bed (without the dummy - that was a big surprise I came home...
May 1, 2005 by trina_p
So it's Labour Day in Queensland and everyone gets the day off (except stay at home mothers, Nick and Alex)

Nick's working today because the stock market isn't closed and I'm not sure why Alex is working - maybe gamers don't take holidays ?? either way.

So Elana has a really bad morning apparently waking up at 2 (nick got up then) he made me go to her at 4am - I picked her up changed her nappy, took off her pjama pants and zipped her sleeping bag but up again put her in her cot and left. S...
April 4, 2005 by trina_p
I think I should start a column called "todays Random objects Elana plays with" about all the things that aren't toys that keep Elana amused for hours.

A few minutes ago I commenced the "tidyup" before Nick gets home. This involves me picking up all the "toys" out of the hallway so Daddy doesn't trip on anything.
Most of the time it's just picking up the magnetic letters and putting them back on the fridge and picking up some blocks that had been strewn back in the box but today as I looke...
March 14, 2005 by trina_p
Which is probably the most exciting thing I can talk about that's happened

It's Tuesday again so I thought I'd do a week in review update (two weeks)

So my last "update" was feb 21 - and I said I was thinking about going to the shops it get cocoa pops and biscuits - well I didn't go to the shop. But that afternoon or the next Nick brought home cocoa pops. Which was cool.

You heard all about the faintale, Cate Blanchett winning the oscar and Elana's adventure with her blanket. -...
February 21, 2005 by trina_p
I found this amazing blog (community really) a few days ago, and I found this post just this morning. It's kinda what was I was talking about in my other blog, which was more a rant.

I had no words for Blue Dev, like I had no words for my friend and I have many tears after reading all these stories. Link
February 21, 2005 by trina_p
In the effort to make blogs interesting I haven't done "this is what I've done lately" blog

but I've run out of interesting things so - ner

Elana is 14months old (almost 15) she's not only walking now but running. She has like 12+ teeth and loves to sing - her favourite song is twinkle twinkle little star,

Yesterday she was having a grizzly afternoon and after she finished her bottle she started crying, she got up ran down the hallway to get her dummy from her cot and while in her room...
January 23, 2005 by trina_p
Elana can match. As I've said in many previous blogs and comments Elana has a thing for the W's (not the awesome Christian band, but the letter magnets on our fridge) We gave her a second packet of letters for Christmas and so she has 2 of every letter. (except I took the letters that spelt her name E-L-A-N-A and put them on the fridge just above the point where she can reach) But now as well as the 2 W's (which are both blue) she has now started carrying around other letters both Q's which ar...
November 30, 2004 by trina_p
I went shopping with my best friend today which was great and we went to K-mart and Target and all over Indooroopilly ran into my in-laws and had a Boost and a kebab.

I went with the sole purpose of trying to find an outfit for Christmas Day (boxing day actually) with the family and a pair of overalls for Elana to wear to her birthday party at the park.

And do you think I could find anything? NO!

I found some beautiful dresses and pants/top sets in Target, and a gorgeous overall dress...
November 8, 2004 by trina_p
After what seems like weeks of blockage and nothing to write about - Not even blogs about Elana - I seem to be on a role this morning and I can't seem to be able to stop saying every thought that comes into my head.

And I still haven't written about my bad day. Or my irrational fears or the Chinese food I ate last night

So bare with me as I continue to spill what seems to be verbal diarrhoea of my thoughts - My brain is spilling out but it's not articluating correctly the way I think it ...
November 1, 2004 by trina_p
Thanks Brad and other admins who put the watch list feature on - All my articles are on watch list - which is how I know that I'm being spammed.

I check my email notice that one of my old articles has been commented on and immediately I suspect spamming. And I'm right so I go straight to the article in question delete said spam and go about my day.

Thanks Stardock!
September 20, 2004 by trina_p
It is 8:33am - Elana is sitting in a Breville Breadmaker box with some of her toys and I'm almost asleep.

You see Elana refused to have a nap at anytime yesterday so she fell asleep on her bottle at 6pm last night - she drank half of it stopped drinking and rolled over (in her sleep) -- we put her to be about 6:45pm (her bedtime is 7pm)
Last night I watched the Emmy Awards and the special on Channel 9 (I flicked) and was intending to watch some if not all of the Brownlow Medal awards. But I ...
September 16, 2004 by trina_p
Australians all let us rejoice

Sunday 19th September is National BBQ Day.

Have One! Attend One!

There's a whole heap of places already registered around Australia - Luna park, Parramatta, Ballina, Brighton -- check it out -- It's for a good cause - Variety Childrens Charity.

National BBQ Day
August 25, 2004 by trina_p
It's 9:22am - I've been up since 6:30 and I'm having one of those who can be stuffed doing anything kind of days.

The problem with the internet is you can't communicate HOW you're speaking so the person on the other end could take something you think you're saying calmly - as angrilly or incensed.

To clarify - if anyone reads this -- I'm not taking sides - I understand it is anyone's perogitive to delete and blacklist whomever they want for whatever reason they wish. I did however agree ...
August 12, 2004 by trina_p
After an EXTREMELY unmotivated bored out of my brain completely unproductive day, I'm dressed, the washing up is done and Elana's bottles are made.

And it only took 8hours

Normally I get up at 6:45am make Elana's cereal and Nick's sandwiches, put the kettle on for Elana's bottle and switch the coffee machine on.
Then Nick goes to work at 8am and I wash the dishes from the night befores dinner and breakast, wash out and sterilise Elana's bottles, put her down for a sleep go put some clothe...