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Last night I couldn't sleep combination of 30degree heat, worrying about Elana being too hot or too cold and yeah stuff and being excited about Elana's birthday.
I woke up at 5:30am then again at 5:55am and again at 6:10am and each time Nick and Elana were both still asleep -- unusual for everyone (I'm the one who needs to be woken and forced out of bed)
As soon as I heard her I said lets go but Nick wanted me to get her while he set up the pop up tent and put her other presents inside it.

So I bounded into her room singing happy birthday and she was all smiles and ups and weetbix -- you know the usual.

We tried to get her interested in the tent but it kinda bombed out (big hit with the neighbours though ) she picked a present out of the pile

The teddy bear dress up puzzle 6 heads six arms/chests and six feet/shoes there's pjama, bikini, ballerina, tennis, the really weird tartan one with orange gumboots and the normal sweater dress
She had a ball tipping them out and putting them in and mixing them up - that when I tried to take them off her to get her interested in the next gift she wasn't happy.

Next she picked out the Hi5 colouring book and crayons -- she said hi5 about 40times did some scribbling and went back to the bear puzzle NO infact she went and got Time for Bed PB Bear (one of her favourite books - old not new)

So we decided to give her breakfast and then try the presents again. She had her weetbix (she sneezed with a full mouth weetbix went EVERYWHERE it was disgusting) and then I gave her a bath because she still seemed half asleep.
That did the trick

We opened the Playschool Happy Birthday puzzle, the Banana's in Pjama's farm friends puzzle and then (my favourite) Rosie Link

She played for a bit we got dressed, I made my muffins and she watched Bambaloo and Boohbah and then all of a sudden it was time to go.
We had playgroup again this morning and we were running late.

Today we made a surprise christmas present for Gran and Nana (can't tell it's a surprise) and then it was SO hot today so two of her friends came and played at our house because we have air conditioning.
Everyone went for a nap and then they went home and we got ready for the afternoon. Oh Peter dropped in for a few minutes and gave her a present -- this awesome game called "Who know's whose Nose" it was from ELC (I LOVE ELC I got most of Elana's christmas presents and Rosie from ELC)

Gran, Pop and Aunty Natalie were coming over for afternoon tea (turned our to be late afternoon tea) and Elana was hanging out for her CAKK for 3 hours poor kid. I was going to do the cake and then the presents but Elana dove right into the bag (an old hand at opening presents now) and ripped open the paper. From Natalie she got a toy phone that sings and says the numbers and does other noisy things Elana put it right to her ear and started chatting away. From Gran and Pop she got a Silver Knife, Fork and two Spoon set - she tried to drum with the two spoons and from Great-Grandma she got a skirt & top which she had to have on that very minute so she began stripping in the lounge
She ate her cakk in record time - (okay not Caleb fast but pretty quick for Elana) and not long after we had dinner pasta, cheese and roast pork tonight -- she LOVED it -- i was shocked because it was new and she had 2 glasses of milk -- very hungry now that she's two.

She went to bed with no problems but I'm totally zonked.

It was so hot today I can't imagine trying to put on a party for a 3year old with friends and activities and food and stress Or a four year old with a theme and more friends and more stress
In SUMMER!!!!!!!!! --- hmm pool parties anyone?

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