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It was about this time (5pm) two years ago that I was at the hospital hooked up to the monitors and being told I wasn't in labour (my contractions which were about 4minutes apart had completely stopped once the monitor was hooked up) and that I should go home (40minute drive) but before I went they decided to do an internal exam.

Too their disbelief they found I was 5cm dilated and in fact was in labour so they told me to stay they'd check again around 9pm - 10:45pm arrived and I was 8cm on one side and 10cm on the other.
1am came they broke my water and Elana Grace P came into the world at 1:21am I had been in labour since I woke up at 6am that morning.

Two years later and my 7pound 15 ounce (3.6kg) newborn is a 28pound (13kg) walking/running/hopping/jumping/talking/yelling/singing/hugging/laughing toddler.

I updated her baby book for the first time in 6months yesterday and noticed that last time she had 5 coherrant words (up, alex, dada, jatz and duck) and part of two songs (twinkle twinkle and wheels on the bus well actually just the people on the bus go? "up & down")
and I tried to capture all of the words and phrases she has now and I totally lost count after 100.

She can count forwards to 13 and backwards from 10-1
She can recite entire books "Time for Bed Ned" by Pam Zimmerman-Hope, Time for Bed PB Bear & Good morning Pb Bear by Lee Davies and It's Chasing Time by someone who wrote a Banana's in Pjamas book
Banana's in Pjama's hiding from the teddies
Banana;s in Pjama's chasing the teddies
caught you
banana's in pjamas spinning round and round
uh oh all fall down

She says woof woof for all animals especially dogs
and choo choo chooka chooka chooka for all vehicles (even photos/drawings)

She can sing all the words to Jingle Bells, Incy Wincy, I'm a little teapot, 2 green & speckled frogs, heads shoulders knees and toes, open shut them, humpty dumpty, round and round the garden, this little piggy and alot of her kindermusik songs as well
At last count there were 23 WHOLE songs in her repatoir.

She will tell us when she needs a nappy change, "nah change - stinky -- upstairs" she will tell us when it's bedtime "teeth, (brushes teeth) Sleep? ohnigh (goodnight) upstairs cya" she asks us how we are "Hello, how are you?" and when we answer she says's excellent then we ask her how she is she'll say "I'm good" or if we say are you good she says "Yes"

At the end of every book she reads she says "that's the end of the story"
She know's when she's in toruble "uh-uh No, don't touch"
She knows some shapes - Square, Circle, Star and Oval but has trouble with triangle

Last week she started walking up and down the stairs - which she'd never done before. She also started calling me Mummy. As in "Mummy"
"Yes Elana"
"insert incoherrant sentence or how are you"
"insert phrase like oh yes, that's nice etc"
"Yes Elana"
*you get the picture this game will go on for 5 minutes

It was amazing in 6months she's gone from 5 words to over 200 words/songs/phrases/concepts and alot of them could be attributed to just in the last month or two.

My girl is two in just a few hours. We've wrapped her presents (3 puzzles [playschool, dress up teddy bear and banana's in pjamas on the farm], a learn to dress doll Link, a purple fairy pop up tent and a hi5 colouring book) and made her cake (actually they're apple & cinnamon muffins she'll have one with two candles) and we've got playgroup in the morning then we'll come home and have a sleep before the family comes over for afternoon tea.
Mostly I think it will be just a normal Tuesday with wrapped gifts and muffins

on Dec 05, 2005

Aww, Trina!   It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how she wouldn't take all of her bottle and you were worried about it!  Now here she is walking, talking and figuring stuff out for herself!


She's absolutely adorable too.....I'll bet she can melt your heart with a smile.  I know I wouldn't be able to resist her for very long!


on Dec 05, 2005
K - She's stopped having a bottle. She still asks for it every so often so I give her water or cows milk in a glass - she now shares a glass of milk with her doll before brushing her teeth and going to bed every night.

Yeah I can remember all those "help me JU" articles
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