Published on November 8, 2005 By trina_p In Blogging
We're moving on Saturday. We signed the lease yesterday and were supposed to pick up the keys this morning but we didn't. The movers are coming between 10 and 12 on Saturday and I've hardly packed a thing.
Because as I was looking around trying to decide where do I begin it occured to me half this stuff isn't suitable for boxes and hence the magic of woolworths/coles green bags they're sturdy, they're lighter then boxes and they have handles.

But once the packing is over and you've unpacked the books, the games, the clothes, the crockery, the cutlery and the "junk" all of which fits perfectly in the green bags what do you do with the left over 30 or so green bags.

My family of 3 would only use 3 or 4 max on the shopping and 1 is good for a swimming bag and nick used another to carry his cords and keyboard and bits and pieces for lans but that leaves 24 bags that have no purpose but to gather dust on top of the fridge waiting for the next time you move.

In other news Elana is completely no help with packing but she'll be a super unpacker next week Oh and she's a good box labeller that is of course if you have put green and pink circles of scribble in your box.

on Nov 08, 2005
Hope your move goes well...let us know it went!
on Nov 08, 2005
Well you could put them in a bag and save them for the next time.....if you only had a bag that is........
on Nov 09, 2005
Hey Trina!

Don't you just love those green bags?!

Soon we will all be an army of green baggers, better than the plastic though. I noticed woolies here anyhow are gonna stop handing out plastic if you buy 3 or less items. I was just talking to my mate the other day and saying whatever happened to the paper bags. But 's hey its all kewl we are starting to do some good.

We always keep 3 or 4 in the car incase we do some unexpected shopping. They are always good for the beach like you said, gardening and storage.

You can proudly call your household plastic free.
on Nov 09, 2005
yeah but PB the plastic bags are good as garbage bags which is what we use them for.

Rose - thankyou I got totally motivated today and almost completed the lounge/dining and kitchen. But I haven't gone near the play room or either of the bedrooms.

SPC NS - thankyou yes where could I get a bag...

I'm so over moving and we don't even have the keys yet. And I'm not looking forward to Elana's first night at the new house. We've never been on holidays, she gets babysat at home and apart from when we moved the last time when Elana was 2months old she's slept in her cot in that room her whole life (well from 2months to 23months) I'm worried she'll be scared and will take some adjusting time.
Even cats don't like to move. My cat (as a child) got lost trying to go back to back to our old house.
on Nov 09, 2005
Oh Elana was walking down the hall with one over her shoulder earlier "cya cya cya bye cya bye"

And PB - that's a great idea about keeping some in the car but we don't have one
on Nov 09, 2005
You could fashion a strange and funny makeshift Christmas tree out of the bags. Heck, they'd already be the right color.
on Nov 09, 2005
Or you could use them as garbage bags! I say tuck them in a corner somewhere. You might be surprise they might come in handy to carry an overweight item or store comforters.
on Nov 09, 2005
You could send a few to me.    I always seem to be running low on bags.  I have a set that I take grocery shopping, but I seem to lose one now and then.  I also use them to carry stuff to work, to store some of my daughter's toys in, and stuff like that.  You can never have too many!  Plus, they wear out.  So, use a few, then replace them with new ones when they start wearing out.
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