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I feel like I've been neglecting Elana.

Wednesday I woke up with a really sore throat and a runny nose and constant sneezing - I thought I had hayfever so I took a clarantyne but it did nothing, Nick said go to the doctor I knew better and didn't.
Wednesday night we both got NO sleep because I was so stuffed up and congested and just plain gross sick and Nick's saying "I told you to go to the doctor" and he took the day off work to look after Elana so I could rest. I slept until 10 and I'd made a 10:30 appointment at the doctors.

Long story (very long involves waiting, card discrepancies drama drama drama ) short I have another chest infection (remember August? Nick & I both sick) and I'm on Clarac - same antibiotic we had last time.
Last time it gave me a weird disgusting metallic taste after I woke up from a nap - but not when I woke up in the morning or even after I took it.
This time I have CONSTANT metal mouth, which has made it really hard to stomach anything, which is why I had an empty stomach and ended up throwing up all the anti-biotic. Called the doctor and they said to take it with milk which would line my stomach, so I had half a glass of milk - which curdled on the way back up.

I called Nick and he came home from work early to look after Elana. Which has been a god send

Here's the neglect - Today's Friday - we didn't make it to kindermusik good thing too if what happened was inevitable I was feeling okay this morning and wanted to go but Nick said No. He said you'll just have to do the cd with her - which we never got to do because of all the sickness.
Second thing to feel terrible about "Up mummy" she wants to climb up onto my lap -which is bad because she might get sick, or jump on me and I just can't lift her and so I say no darling I'm sorry and she gets upset with me and throws a tantrum or runs off to her bedroom to find her blanket & dummy
Breaks my heart.

She sings almost constantly now -- all the songs she learnt at Kindermusik plus the playschool one's I've been singing to her since she was a wee babe
5 Grey Elephants (she says step by step on a piece of string and then she says Eh-ent)
Incy wincy spider
I'm a little teapot
Mr frog
5 little speckled frogs
heads, shoulders knees toes (heads shoo-shoos knees toes, but she touches her belly for shoo-shoos, her shins/toes for knees and her toes for toes)
this little piggy (she'll come up and say piggy and hold up her foot)
round & round the garden (one step one step tickle under there)
Twinkle twinkle (she still loves this song)
Wheels on the bus
Banana's in Pjs

As well as singing she does SO much talking - it's constant, the only time she's quiet is in her sleep. Cya, Bye, WATER, Up, Down, Hat, Shoes, No, Yeah? Okay (that's a sentence she will answer yeah/yes okay after EVERY question
example Elana would you like spaghetti for dinner?
yeah okay
Elana do you hate spaghetti
yeah okay
where was i? Hello (it started out as hey guys and is now i know) i think, who's there, what's that, cheese, samich, water, bottle, hug, cracker, weetbix, pasta, noodles, lentils, inside, outside, aww (as she hugs a toy or us) toys, book, circle (she also calls playschool circle) she can count from 1-10, ready steady go, 3,2,1 stop cooking (from ready steady cook) she know's some of her friends names, boo, plus the words she knows from her songs
donkey, elephant, -- oh that'll do
Oh remember that blog I wrote about Boobah like months ago? Well when Nick was babysitting yesterday (babysitting his own daughter that's odd - okay not babysitting) When Nick was home with Elana yesterday he let her watch Boobah (because I hate it so much she usually watches Bambaloo) and apparently she giggled at it And I can attest to this being true because she watched it again this morning and she was in stitches - she loved it *sigh*

Next Tuesday I'm going to take Elana to the local playgroup that runs out of the uniting church up the road. I finally got my A into G and looked up playgroups in my area so that should be good. (for her - i hate people why do you think I blog)

In other news, we're moving.
Don't know where, (hopefully in the same area) don't know when (do know it's asap)

on Oct 28, 2005
Sorry to hear you're sick.

Why do kids always love shows their parents can't stand? I remember watching Mr. Rogers when my father came in, looked at the screen, and sneered, "I hate that guy!"

Incy wincy spider

Ah-ha! Up until about a month ago, I'd only ever heard it as itsy-bitsy spider. (A personal pre-k favorite of mine, by the way. ) Then I heard a Time-Life Music commercial pushing a CD collection of kids' songs which had incy-wincy spider.

Incy-wincy?!?! I'd never heard such a thing! I wondered, "Where do they say incy-wincy?" Now I know at least one place!

on Oct 28, 2005
arh yes the incy-wincy/itsy-bitsy spider debate

I have no idea who's correct both my husband and I were born in and grew up in Australia and he says itsy-bitsy and I say incy wincy
on Oct 28, 2005
Hugs to ya Trina.. your no bad mum.. sometimes mums need a rest too!..

Im slowly getting better from this flu thing, it's been a real shocker too! just when you think your better ..wham it hits you again. I hope your better soon and everything goes back to normal.

Are you staying up north??
on Oct 28, 2005
arh yes the incy-wincy/itsy-bitsy spider debate

I have no idea who's correct both my husband and I were born in and grew up in Australia and he says itsy-bitsy and I say incy wincy

Drats! Foiled again!

It would be interesting to know how it was originally written, though. Looks like I'll have to do some digging.

BTW, you're a good mummy for having your daughter's best interest at heart -- even if emotionally it doesn't feel that way.

Here in Las Vegas a woman was just convicted for murdering her diabetic daughter by neglecting to properly treat her illness. Now that's a bad mummy.
on Nov 04, 2005
We're MOVING!!!!!!!!!! and I do know where - our application was approved this afternoon - Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on Nov 04, 2005
Congrats on the moving! I don't envy the lifting and the packing, good luck with that part!

Sometimes moms need to take a break. Sometimes we don't get to take a break until we're sick too. You're not a bad mommy. You've just been under the weather and your baby will still love you. Hope you will get better soon. Think of this as your time to slow down!
on Nov 04, 2005
Hope you feel better soon, too.

Your body is making you take a break.
on Nov 05, 2005
hope you feel better, so you and your daughter can sing together to your hearts' content again.
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