Published on September 20, 2005 By trina_p In Home & Family

Elana had her first bowl of "Cheerios" (the cereal not the sausages) this morning she ate the with her fingers it was messy but I allowed it (it was hard not to control her and I did fail at times and spoon feed her in between)

But I tried giving her dry cheerios to see what she'd do (all american books/blogs with children have them eating cheerios) and she tipped the bowl out on the floor so I picked them up and only gave her a handful at a time.

She took them out of my hands 3 or 4 at a time and lined them up on the floor, sorted them into piles and then ate them. She waited until she got all of them out of my hand and onto the floor in piles before she'd eat one. She ate them all and came back for more repeating the process.

(she's also only wearing one shoe today - she's shoe obsessed)

Has anyone else noticed their child doing something similar or does anyone else have any quirks they'd like to share about their child/brother/sister/cousin/nephew/neice/self?

on Sep 27, 2005
Ooooh. My cousin loves doing that. She's almost anal about her M&Ms too. Lines them up. Eats the blue ones first, always!
on Sep 27, 2005
Trina--I hope you have clean floors

When I worked at a daycare (for ages 6 weeks to 4 years), we would only give them a few cheerios at a time, because otherwise they become much more like toys than food.

(Never knew cheerios were sausages...intersting).
on Sep 28, 2005
My son has to take the cheerio/cracker/fruit loop/cookie from his bowl, take it to an adult, place it in their hand, then pick it back up, and then he will finally eat it.

Mashed potatoes are Thor's favorite though, he has a right handed spoon that he holds in his left hand and tries to scoop up his taters with, then gets frustrated and picks up a hand full of it with his right hand, puts a bunch on his spoon, then eats it, then eats it off his hand. He will Not put the right handed spoon in his right hand, but any other spoon he will keep in his right hand, Oh well. I won't even start on my girls quirks.

Good one!
on Oct 01, 2005
Jayna wont be on solids for quite awhile, but I LOVE reading what I have to look foward to!
on Oct 09, 2005
Sussy - I do that blue first, then orange, yellow, green, red and finally brown.

Shades - Cheerios are half the size of "hotdogs" - frankfurters - way back in the day butchers used the give them to kids for free when their parents/grandparents were buying meat. They dond't give them to you any more for heath reasons and most people cook their cheerios instead of eating them raw nowadays.
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