Published on September 12, 2005 By trina_p In Home & Family
Lately my daughter has become more and more feminine.

I'm responsible for her dressing and thats why she wears alot of pink and purple but I offer her a variety of unisex toys.

Blocks, cars, trains, drums, keyboards, puzzles, books.

A few weeks ago I bought her a stroller because she kept trying to push chairs (and her pram) around the house. And my mother bought her a doll.
Last week she learnt about hugging dolls - she puts the doll over her shoulder and pats it on the back saying aww.
For months she's been walking around with my handbag around her neck.

Her favourite toys of late have been a recipe book, a bowl and spoon.
She's fascinated by this bracelet my friend made me and likes to hang it off her wrist.

This afternoon she cames walking down the hallway she's wearing shoes, she's got my handbag around her neck, she's pushing the doll in the stroller and she's got the bracelet on her wrist.
She looks at me and waves saying "Ta-ta" and keeps walking.

on Sep 12, 2005

Gotta love when that happens.

My own little girl (4 years old this past April) has three older brothers. We were afraid that she was going to be a tomboy because of it.

Nope. She's the prissiest little thing. Loves wearing pink, having tea parties w/ her stuffed animals and dolls, and wears long flowing skirts (by choice, she does have jeans, shorts and other non-gender-specific clothing).

Not having had a sister, I didn't quite know what to expect. This just amazes me, at times.
on Sep 12, 2005
I can relate with both your daughters. My almost 4 year old, which she will be in October, loves to do girly stuff too. Although currently she's in the wearing only jeans and shorts phase! She does enjoy playing with her dolls and stuffed animals too, whether she's the teacher or the doctor or the mummy! The baby stroller seems to be very popular with them. I got her one last year Christmas and it has done quite a few miles!
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