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Just for you chottu

So we discovered she's got another tooth coming through and 3 others about to break any time soon - hooray. Once we found this out we realised we could give her something for the pain she was not so obviously in - she'd been happy during the day, no excessive drooling, no unusual grumpiness, she had been off her food but I was used to that (thought it was just my cooking) and so we didn't think about teething because she was just waking up - ALOT.
Once we saw the tooth and the red gums we gave her some ibruprofen just before bedtime and she slept the whole night through - waking up at 7:15am.

I on the other hand still woke at 6:30am because I had to get Nick off to work and get us ready for our first Kindermusik lesson.

I chose to enroll Elana in Kindermusik over Gymboree because of her "musicalness" (that's a technical term for how she sings more then she talks) Elana likes to "dasse" (dance) she watches Hi-5 and dances along, she sings twinkle twinkle, the wheels on the bus, 5 grey elephants, and open shut them. And when she walking or playing she hums tunes to herself. She plays nick's keyboard, her our little keyboard thingie (it's a keyboard, drum machine, cymbals, and it place 9 pieces of music 3 classical, 3 rock and 3 tropical) and she has her own drum pad and sticks.
So we had high hopes for music lessons.

We arrived, she got out of the pram and she was off. She wasn't interested in sitting down for the activities - far more interested in a little girls baby sister. She came over for some things and ran around more, by the end of the lesson she'd actually co-erced two other children into following her and not doing the activities.
But we got a take home pack which included a booklet of everything we do in the 15weeks and a double cd and she sat with me for part of it before running away and she was quite interested in woofing like a dog which I've never seen/heard her do before.

So we'll try again tomorrow and every day until our next lesson on friday morning and we'll see if we can get her more interested in the music then in running around the hall.

Other then that I bought her a bookshelf a few weeks ago - she delights and pulling all the books off the shelf. Although yesterday after Caleb left and she'd finished playing for the day she picked up all the blocks and put them back in the box - which is HUGE. It's a start.

on Aug 17, 2005
am greatly honoured by ur gesture....

it is a great pleasure to watch kids growing up...all their cute behaviours and stuff...sometimes we learn a lot from them...

keep smiling ...
on Aug 17, 2005
Trina, it's hard to believe that she's getting so big and more and more independent. Seems like just yesterday youwere talking about her starting to eat solid foods...then she was crawling, then cruising and walking and now she's running and dancing and talking and playing music. Do you have any recent photos of her? I only have the one from when she was 3 or 4 months old...I'd love to see how she's changed!

How the time flies, huh?
on Aug 18, 2005
Dharma - I emailed you.
on Sep 01, 2005
Wow, she is becomeing so "grown up". Love hearing of her adventures!
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