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Published on July 7, 2005 By trina_p In Home & Family
The funniest thing just happened.

Okay against the wall near my kitchen is a cardboard coke can box (30 pack) there's maybe 6 cans in the box - they're for LANs anyway the box is there.

On Tuesday afternoon I was searching all the places Elana takes things (under the cot, under the change table, in the playroom, at the front door) if I've lost something chances are Elana's taken off with it and it's in one of these places - I was looking for my 1/4 cup because I was making risotto for her dinner. Couldn't find it so I used the 1/3.

About half an hour ago I noticed Elana trying to stuff a piece of junk mail into the coke box (like it was a mailbox or something) and I thought hey that's really cute. As I was walking passed into the kitchen I glanced down at the box when I saw something white - it was my measuring cup - my 1/2. I bent down to pick it up and saw other stuff, my 1/4 cup, the keys to the front door (didn't even know they were missing) the keyring she claimed as a treasure a few weeks ago, a pink popsicle stick (plastic ice-block maker thing) and i don't even know what else. I was laughing so hard.

I put all the things back except my 1/4 cup and I called Nick.

My little Bower Bird - squirralling treasures away.

on Jul 07, 2005

I love these stories about Elana--she sounds adorable!
on Jul 07, 2005
Thankyou Shades
on Jul 08, 2005
That is too cute. She is developing quite the adorable personality.
on Jul 09, 2005
You better watch out for her when she becomes a teenager, it sounds like she might be a future shoplifter
on Jul 14, 2005
oh boy... nice to hear that
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