man it's cold today
Published on June 16, 2005 By trina_p In Life Journals
Got my lay-byes off last night SO excited.

Pink cord pants
Brown cord skirt
green & pink tank top (that's 2 tops 1 green 1 pink)

AND my shoes!!! - my black colorados the same as my brown ones

So now that I have my cords I can wear my new (well I got if off layby 2 months ago but I haven't been able to wear it) denim jacket because I'm of the opinion that unless they are EXACTLY the same denim you can't wear denim on denim. And my jeans are stonewash and my jacket is dirty so they don't go. But the jacket goes SO nicely with my new dusty pink cord jeans AND my denim jeans go really well with my new (again newish I bought it for Grease) cord jacket (it's Baby pink not dusty pink)

SO excited I like having clothes that fit - nice clothes that fit.
I got the biggest shock of my life last week when I tried on my favourite crepe pants - they're highwaisted and always fit really nicely around my butt and legs but I tried them on because I was going out for lunch and my jeans weren't as clean as I'd prefer but they swam on me - they kinda fit still because they're highwaisted BUT the butt and legs hung like harem pants - not good.

AND even worse I went to my good dress cupboard to see my white dress (the one I wore to matt & ruths engagement party/my birthday party in the city after remember teegs and champas) because I was going to lend it to a friend and I looked at the size - didn't try it on and it was a 12!!! A 12. My grey dress (which none of you have ever seen me wear but I have and it fit is a 14)
That's how much weight I've lost in the last 3 years - I have a point of reference now I mean I knew what fit and what didn't but I didn't really know HOW much weight I'd lost -- MY CREPE pants don't fit teegs - you know my crepe pants THEY DON"T FIT

So yeah I have 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of cords and 3 skirts that fit me Hooray!!!!

I like new clothes. I just need one more thing - A long brown (woollen) jacket like my black suede one that will go over all my layers and keep me warm AND go with my shoes, because Nick won't lend me his brown cord jacket - says I look silly pfft least I was warm.

Edit - *** hehe guess what I lay-byed today YES a brown jacket ($50 40% off) AND for good measure I also lay-byed a black cord jacket too - $30 (40% off) So excited!!!

Jess P and I are going shopping today - we had dinner together last night which was really great it was great to catch up. I'd forgotten how freaking COLD Ipswich got, was SOOOOOOO cold last night and it was FREEZING this morning I so did not want to get out of bed.
But I love Fasta Pasta.

One last thing Happy Birthday Rin (even though she never reads this maybe it it will a reminder to people who know her who do to send her good wishes)

on Jun 16, 2005
Not much to comment on, 'cept we haven't talked in a while. Just wanted you to know I was reading.


on Jun 17, 2005
hey thanks! (nick hasn't set my msn/psi up since he wiped his hard-drive last month so I haven't talked to anyone in awhile - I think after some more nagging he MIGHT get the hint? )
on Jun 18, 2005
yay for new clothes! sounds nice... but i can't believe that other stuff doesn't fit you anymore. you were always pretty tiny anyway.... i hope when i finally get to see you i can still see you! (ie you're not so small that you've just disappeared)
i went shopping on thursday and it was so exciting -- i hadn't been shopping in ages! i bought a new bag and lip gloss and two pairs of shoes -- except i've given one of the pairs of shoes to mum because they're too small for me. i bought them snug so they wouldn't flop around and rub and give me blisters but i wore them today for about an hour and it was just painful. i felt like a chinese lady with a lotus foot.
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