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Even though nothing has really happened I feel like I've been really busy.

I think I've just been really reluctant to blog for reasons I will not get into but they suck anyway.

Elana is 18months old now. She's 81cm (2.6 foot) tall and roughly 12kg (26 pounds) she's a very confident walker and runner and is attempting to jump -- it's really funny to watch, and dance.
She has 3 proper words
duck - duct
alex - asss
jatz - datz

as well as Da-Dah (dada) UT (up) soc (sock) soos (shoes)

She can sing the whole song twinkle twinkle little star, part of incy wincy spider and one verse of the wheels on the bus

Mummy - Elana the People on the bus go?
Elana - Ut ut down, ut ut down, ut ut down
Mummy - the people on the bus go?
Elana - ut ut down or do dah de down (all the way to town)

Every afternoon we go for a walk to the playground that's on the corner and have a swing and she will bring me her shoes to put on her feet and take my hand and pull me to the door.
She calls every type of biscuit (cookie) a Datz (jatz) doesn't matter if it's a water cracker, clickz, gingernut, 100's & 1000's, milk arrowroot or Tiger (which taste like maccas cookies but bigger) they're ALL "datz"
She will bring me a nappy (diaper) and run to the change mat when she wants changing
She will bring her blanket and dummy (pacifier) when she wants to go to bed (and she'll sing/hum twinkle twinkle little star)
At the mere sight of the plug (we only have one so it's used for both the bath and the kitchen sink) she will run to the bathroom and pick up one of her toys (ducks, frogs, turtles, bottles, cups)
She not only runs to her flip-out couch when she sees her bottle but she can now actually flip the couch out herself (before she'd have to wait till one of us did it first before she lay down)

She eats sausages and two-minute noodles and pieces of carrot (not mashed) and risotto for dinner (not all at once obviously) and vanilla (pauls) custard for dessert
She has cornflakes for breakfast which she picks up with her fingers (it's gross but cool)

She kicks the walls on the mornings and after naps to let us know she's around
She's a champion tantrum thrower (could even have given my sister a run for her money) to the point of hitting her head on the floor.

and that's about all

In other news for my birthday I got a toaster, a bird sculpture, a gravy boat, a pair of chenille socks, the twisted mind of ken davis dvd, Erin Brockovich dvd, chico babies, snickers, red frogs, tim tams, strawberies & cream, peanut butter fudge, red rooster roll x 2, pork chops with apple, chocolate pudding, and I went to see the Wedding Date with my friend Jess.

OH I wished I'd had a camera two days ago - for some absurd reason she'd found this t-shirt of mine and brought it to Nick who put it on her. It was a green sleeveless tank with a picture of a VW bug (multicoloured vinyl) and it came down to her shins. He'd put it on over her pjamas and went to work (7:30am) so like an hour later when I went to change her into play clothes she threw THE biggest tantrum until I put her "dress" back on over her clothes.
So I did -- she let me take it off her around 4:30pm when I wanted to put her jumper and shoes on to go to the park.

on Jun 15, 2005
It's good to hear that she's doing well. It sounds like she's getting pretty big!

And smart to boot!

on Jun 16, 2005
hey - sorry i only just saw your message then. pretty dumb of me to leave a message on your blog where i couldn't check it after i left home yesterday morning, but as it was i was busy all day anyway. i'd like to catch up soon if we could... i don't know when but yeah.
on Jun 19, 2005
Cute. They grow up so fast. Good on you for not blogging btw, whatever your reasons were. Better to go enjoy life.
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