Published on May 24, 2005 By trina_p In Blogging
It's not my birthday anymore (well it still is in some JU homes but not mine)

I had a really good day yesterday, I got to sleep in a little, Nick made the coffee, and he did some dishes and he got Elana up. I got the two of us ready after he left because we were going out.

I got my hair cut and coloured. I had a Red Rooster Rooster Roll & chips with juice for lunch and I watched 9 episodes of Friends. (I'm addicted to those rooster rolls ever since Grease I've had 3 since Grease)

Nick came home and I bathed Elana, he fed her and I put her to bed.

He brought over some fresh bread, some olive oil and some balsamic vinegar as an entree before the beautiful lamb shank cannelloni.
We watched the first 8 episodes of Friends - the same ones I'd watched earlier in the day - while eating honey bears and fudge. (we missed the Simpsons)
Went to bed and fell asleep just before 10pm, and didn't hear a peep from Elana.

This morning Nick went to go to work and we found a mysterious bag on the door - no note. I can only guess who the culprit was but if they or some who knows them happens to read this please pass on my thanks. (and wonderment on why they didn't come in or leave a note)

It was probably THE most uneventful birthday I've ever had. Certainly was the quietest. It was really nice. May I have many more like it

Lastly - Go the Maroons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on May 25, 2005
I hope the bag held a nice surprise. Now I wish it was me that left it!
on May 26, 2005
Yeah i'm curious about what was in the bad trina!

Glad you enjoyed your birthday. Here's to many more!
on May 26, 2005
The bag had chico babies and strawberries and cream and i thought it was either you or varns -- until peter (nick's friend journo peter) asked me if I got his present.

so yeah - but the chico baby thing was like weird
on May 29, 2005
that was kind of him to do that! did he know you liked chico babies?
on May 29, 2005
Sounds like a nice day... Wishing you a happy belated birthday!
on Jun 05, 2005

did you send me a text on my birthday? i mustn't have your mobile number
on Jun 07, 2005
Happy Bday. Wow, to think it's now been 4 years I've known you!
on Jun 07, 2005
well 4 years on friday - we met at my birthday party which was in june like 2 weeks after my actual birthday. But yeah 4 years. so weird.

yes teegs i did - and of course you don't I only got the phone last week
on Jun 15, 2005

don't know if you'll get this in time but... i'm out at uni having an exam tomorrow morning and i don't have to go to work afterward. wanna catch up?
on Jun 15, 2005
I don't know what time you'll see this - but hey it's 10:30am now I'm home until 6pm
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