So it's Labour Day in Queensland and everyone gets the day off (except stay at home mothers, Nick and Alex)

Nick's working today because the stock market isn't closed and I'm not sure why Alex is working - maybe gamers don't take holidays ?? either way.

So Elana has a really bad morning apparently waking up at 2 (nick got up then) he made me go to her at 4am - I picked her up changed her nappy, took off her pjama pants and zipped her sleeping bag but up again put her in her cot and left. She cried for about 3 minutes then fell asleep, As did I.
She woke up again at 6am (it's pitch dark until after 6:30am now that its not summer) and this time Nick brought her back into the bed with us, while we tried to sleep she played "bounce on mummy/daddy" until we got up at 6:30am
It was around this time we remembered that we ran out of cornflakes yesterday and we forgot to get some more when we went to woolworths yesterday morning. Elana and Nick have been having cornflakes for breakfast together for about a week now. And yesterday I discovered that Nick threw out the rest of her baby cereal because she didn't need it - I was keeping it just in case.
So Elana had the last couple pieces of bread for breakfast - pear jam toast. No problems.

Nick made some quip about us going to McDonalds and after discovering there was pretty much no breakfast product for either of us he asked me how soon I could get ready.
We walked up to indro arriving about 10 minutes to 8am to discover that everything was closed except the cinema (from 9:30) the fitness first gym, the pig and whistle and selected food court stores (8am).
No problem - Macca's will be open it's a holiday there will be a surcharge but Maccas is always open.

Maccas was closed. Macca's didn't even hint at being open.
Subway was getting ready to open. Hungry Jacks (burger king) had signs of life and would probably be open at some point in the morning but everything else was closed, donut king, muffin break, boost and maccas.

*sigh* - so Nick got on a bus to the city thinking something there would have to be open and Elana and I went home.

Nick called just before 9am to tell me EVERYTHING was dead there was noone to be found.

Elana and I went down for a sleep around 10am - she slept for all of 15minutes but I didn't get her up for well over an hour - I fell asleep.

In other news Grease is only 10days away.
It's shopping friday this week and Jess (L) is coming too.

Last shopping friday didn't happen cause Sami was busy and Rin and I were saving our money for shopping saturday. Saturday we met Jess (P) at Fasta Pasta again, then we put laybys on at Westco and Williams. It was a very productive day.
Alex and Peter came over for dinner and nothing - fish & chips.
The next morning - sunday Rin and I had brunch with Nicole (T) at the indro coffee club except it was more like lunch cause I had chips, rin had nachos and we all had milkshakes/iced mocha/coffees
Alex and Peter came over for a LAN with Nick and we had Nick's pasta sauce.
Anzac day was busy cause Nick left at 5am to do 3 parades. he came home around 2pm
My parents came for dinner on the tuesday night - Nick's homemade stroganoff. I went shopping with my mum in the afternoon, we had cake mmm cake.

In the past month Rin and I have been trying to catch up on the movies I missed seeing while at the cinema.
We watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen --- Which SUCKED seriously up there on the worst movie ever list. But Adam Garcia looks like Nick. Micah woke up from his nap and came downstairs and said "is that Nick?" -- so funny.
I finally saw Cinderella Story - which I liked
We watched Raise Your Voice - which was surprisingly good and unpredictable I was so sure it would end with her getting the scholarship like all those movies BUT she didn't - and that was good.
Bridget Jones 2 was okay - I read the book and liked it heaps more, was thoroughly annoyed that they just made up scenes for Hugh Grant to be in but que sera sera.
Oh and I watched Suddenly 30 while Nick was at Jayden's LAN a few weeks ago. I really liked it.
Last week we got out Katie Holmes as first daughter.

On the list next week is De-Lovely, and Chasing Liberty, Finding Neverland and The Aviator comes out in may/june so that will be really good.

We had ribs for dinner last night.
Nick made this amazing Laksa on thursday night - it was stock/paste/chilli/garlic/ginger/coriander, rice noodles, beef and bokchoy - I started a blog about it but it got lost and I couldn't be bothered writing it again.

On the menu tonight - apparently is curry. But we'll see.

Also Elana has a sniffly/runny nose so that may have been the issue with sleep last night. Tonight I'll make sure she goes to bed with some vicks on her chest and we'll see how she goes.

on May 01, 2005
i preferred the second bridget jones movie to the first actually... i think it was less depressing, and equally as funny. actually i saw a box set of dvd's at the supermarket the other day that i'm really really considering buying: both bridget joneses, love actually, notting hill and... arghh, i can't remember the fifth one. but it was something british and very cool, one of my favourites... anyway it'll come to me.
adam garcia looks like nick...? cool! i think i remember a stage in there where adam garcia was in my list five top goodlookinest guys (yours too if i remember correctly? which is pretty appropriate if he reminds you of nick... or even just reminds micah of nick)
on May 02, 2005
Yes it's About a boy. They ALL have Hugh Grant in them. If I didn't already have Love Actually and I actually wanted the 2 Bridget movies I would have bought it. But I don't so I'm just going to buy Notting Hill at some stage.
And Two Weeks Notice. (which wasn't part of the box but is a hugh grant movie I liked)

No he's reminded Rin and I of Nick for a few years now - since Coyote Ugly. BUT he's got this really long black rockstar hair in Confessions (which sucked) which is exactly what Nick has - long shoulder length thick black rockstar like hair.
And it cracked Rin and I up who talked about it like 45minutes previously while Micah was asleep and later he comes downstairs he's there like 5 minutes Adam pops up on screen and he's like "Is that Nick??!"
CRACKED up laughing couldn't stop it was so funny -- made it worth the $2.95 we spent on the stupid movie HATE lindsay lohan!!!
on May 02, 2005
well i spose the dumb movie wasn't all in vain -- that's pretty cute of micah too. thanks for warning us about the crapness of the movie, as i had looked curiously at that in the video shop and probably would have ended up torturing myself with it.

yeah, about a boy, i remembered last night. i liked all those movies -- not the bridget joneses quite as much but the other three make it worthwhile -- do you know how much it was? i just went down to the supermarket here, which is where i thought i saw it but it wasn't there and the sales people didn't have a clue what i was talking about. it must have been the one near matthew's work. i wonder if i can bribe him into buying it for me?

hugh grant... no matter how hard i try, i can't help him reminding me of you know who. but he reminds me a bit of beavs too, which is ok.
on May 02, 2005
It's between $70 and $80 depending on where you get it. I think it was $75 at Target.

Well you hated Cinderella Story but I really liked it so you might like Confessions?
on May 03, 2005
matthew found it for $60 somewhere and he's going to buy it today. hooray!!
yeah i really disliked cinderella story. i also hated the lizzie mcguire movie (i think i just don't like hilary duff). speaking of movies the one i'm kind of both nervous and excited about seeing soon is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -- i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED the books but i'm not sure a movie could do them justice!
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