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Which is probably the most exciting thing I can talk about that's happened

It's Tuesday again so I thought I'd do a week in review update (two weeks)

So my last "update" was feb 21 - and I said I was thinking about going to the shops it get cocoa pops and biscuits - well I didn't go to the shop. But that afternoon or the next Nick brought home cocoa pops. Which was cool.

You heard all about the faintale, Cate Blanchett winning the oscar and Elana's adventure with her blanket. - Which is mostly everything that happened.

What's been REALLY good is our "mothers group" - Rin and I had been getting together on Fridays for a while now and recently we added Sami - So every second Friday we take our 4 kids (rins 2 boys and sami's girl) to Indooroopilly for Retail Therapy. THEN the alternate Friday we all meet up at the Water Park -- whcih is this absolutely brilliant park which has 3 ovals, an amitheatre, and this section of "pools" the deepest part is about knee deep and there's rocks and fountains and slides - creeks to walk through It's absolutely amazing. The kids have a ball the 2 3yos play with their boats and wander around splashing and laughing and the 2 1yo's stay pretty close to mummy who's sitting against a rock in the water which is quite warm.
Then we get out and have a picnic and the kids run around playing - Elana just loves being around Nicola & Micah.

So that's our mothergroup which is fantastic because it gives us all a chance to get away kinda - the kids play and the big ones watch out for the littlies and we get to chat abot everything husbands friends business old stuff kids

We've had two shopping trips and 1 park -- this Friday is park again.

Saturdays are pretty much the same every second Saturday we still go to the markets. A few Saturdays ago Nick had a Lan - oh so fun I slept.
This past Saturday we took Elana to get jabbed pneumococcal and meningacoccal. I stayed out of the room. She reacted a little to one of the needles - a bruise/bump small rash, little bit of a fever nothing to worry about but Nick can't remember which arm got which needle and the nurse didn't write it down so we have no idea what she reacted too.

Wednesdays and Sunday's Nick has pipeband - he's got a competition over Easter Weekend so is practicing alot - he's a drummer.
Wednesday nights Alex comes over to watch Battlestar Galactica with Nick. Last week the traffic was really bad Peter said that it took him and hour to get from Uni to Alex's (who wasn't home_ then another half an hour to get from Al's to our house. He stayed and had dinner, did some work while Nick was out and I talked on the phone/watched McLeods Daughters/Spicks & the Specks and watched Battlestar with the boys when they got here.

Have you seen Spicks & the Specks on ABC - 8:30pm It's this music trivia program but it's along the same lines as Good News Week and The Glass House. It's SO funny and interesting completely up my alley.

I ate so much Pizza two weeks ago. We had Pizza Hut on Monday night because Nick was going to the movies to see Constantine with Peter (and we had Montezuma's the Saturday before because it was my Dad's birthday and that was amazing!!!! - LOVE Montezuma's) the Pizza was late and Peter was early - we had pizza cause we figured it was quick and easy HAH
Then I had Pizza Huton Friday night with Rin and Micah while Nick was at the Jazz Bar with the guys (after the first park day)
Then Saturday was the Lan and James, Alex and Peter came round and we had 1 pizza each - I had a make your own chicken, capsicum & pepperoni from Dominos.
Sunday for breakfast I had leftover pizza and then Monday night my sister came over - she's in grade 12 and Nick was tutoring her - we had Pizza Hut again -- because Nick and I are in love with Pepperoni stuffed crust. (whcih is what we had the previous two times with pizza hut)
Last night (monday) we had mini pizza's made on the bases we bought at the markets - they were homemade but thats the third monday pizza night we;ve had in a row

So I burnt my toast - do you know the BEST and only way to eat burnt toast - Jam. Rasberry jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam PEAR JAM (OH SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - any kind of jam is the only way you don't have to throw burnt toast away.
We only have rasberry jam right now which I think is the best flavour to have on burnt toast.

Peanut butter, vegemite, honey -- all work great on light toast (honey especially) but JAM is the thing to put with charcoal.

This wouldn't happen if we had a working toaster - Nick put crumpets in our toaster one day - they got stuck and our toaster doesn't work -- the crumpets aren't in there anymore - they came out. But the toaster doesn't work.
Do you know we didn't get a taoster for either our enagement or wedding. No toasters. When y parents renews their vows 3 years ago for their 25th wedding anniversary they got 3. We had to buy a toaster after the wedding. We didn't get an iron either - Rin got 3 of those, or a vacuum cleaner.
We did however get 3 rice makers. 3 stick blenders (one of which was actually one of those adaptable ones with a whisk and a processor bit and a mashing bit and a cup) a food processor/blender combo and a steamer (an electric steaming machine) as well as an electric wok, 3 saucepan sets and 5 dinner sets (only 2 of which matched)

on Mar 14, 2005
Hrmmmm...burnt toast. That doesn't sound too tastey now does it? lol. Sounds like your life has been rather decent.

on Mar 14, 2005
I told you - its good with jam (jelly for you I guess although for us Jelly is a dessert made from gelatine and water - which you'd call Jello)

on Mar 14, 2005
Enjoy your jammed toast
on Mar 14, 2005
I did enjoy my toast - 4 hours ago But thanks Danny - I hope you have the opportunity to have toast soon
on Mar 15, 2005
I like Spicks and Specks but I really don't think it comes up to a GNW standard. Actually I don't think Hills is a very good host, and I wish he would bloody well sing once in a while.
on Mar 15, 2005
can Adam Hills sing? - I'm not sure I want to hear it.

My favourite segment is when they have to sing well known songs with the random lyrics like the train guide and the computer book
on Mar 15, 2005
why is it going to be really good very soon?

when you started naming all those jams before i thought you meant layering them... ditzy

no toasters eh... we've got one and a kettle and mum goes "tell EVERYONE otherwise you'll end up with 15 of each". somehow even three toasters would be better than three stick blenders (i remember that too). oh gosh i remember andy and rin's toaster -- it was industrial size, you could toast about half a loaf of bread at once in that thing!
on Mar 15, 2005
actually it was only a 4 slice toaster - and it's completely necessary because Rin makes one piece for her and 1 for each of the boys - otherwise she'd get no toast because they'd eat hers.

I think we need a really "good" toaster next - with a crumpet setting. I saw this one in the donna hay magazine for about $400
It even has this rack that sits on top and you can toast/warm croissants

I love pear jam!! - I think we need pear jam --- OH Sami has money for you from me for that S26 from last time - did you get it?
on Mar 16, 2005
I told you - its good with jam (jelly for you I guess although for us Jelly is a dessert made from gelatine and water - which you'd call Jello)

No, we have jam here too. I don't see the difference in the two of them though. Jelly, Jam.....they both taste the same to me.

on Mar 16, 2005
I've tried jam and burnt toast and yes, it is good. Your "mommy" group sounds like fun Trina. And that's a clever way to get some time for the grown ups while the kids have some fun.
on Mar 16, 2005
not related to your aricle... but for some reason I keep thinking your the Trina who happenes to be a rap artist... who also happens to be VERY good looking with extra curves.

So, my question is... why did you burn the toast Trina? When is your next album coming out?
on Mar 16, 2005
There's a rap artist called Trina? - weird...

well as I said we don't have a toaster so I have to grill my toast and sometimes I forget that its in there and yeah - it gets burnt. Of course there are just some times when you just really want burnt toast.

serenity - Yes - You're right. None of us is the type of person to just go and "join" a mothers group or playgroup we're all far too shy but we've all been friends since highschool and so it was really easy to just keep getting together.
on Mar 20, 2005
mmm pear jam... i even had mum buying it for a while there. i hardly ever eat toast anymore though.

a $400 toaster?? it sounds pretty groovy but xpensey -- almost as bad as the $700 mixmaster i saw in the valley the other day (1950's style pink enamel!!! i luuuuuurve it!)
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