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In the effort to make blogs interesting I haven't done "this is what I've done lately" blog

but I've run out of interesting things so - ner

Elana is 14months old (almost 15) she's not only walking now but running. She has like 12+ teeth and loves to sing - her favourite song is twinkle twinkle little star,

Yesterday she was having a grizzly afternoon and after she finished her bottle she started crying, she got up ran down the hallway to get her dummy from her cot and while in her room she started crying again so I went to see what the problem way - she couldn't reach one of her shoes that was on the bed - i moved it forward into her reach and she grabbed it, picked up the other shoe which she already had on the floor and walked off down the hallway and sat down with them. I think she was trying to put them on, she soon gave up on that idea and came back to me indicating she wanted me to swing with her and sing songs.

I have other shoe stories but they're roughly the same - like she doesn't like her shoes to be taken off and once they are she carries them around with her around the house.

Saturday we went to the markets - for the first time in a few weeks it was packed!! We arrived not long after 7am and it was packed - the car park was full there were people everywhere and there seemed to be 1/2 a dozen more stalls there then the previous month. We didn't get anything super special - eggs, a sweet potato, some really nice apples, my favourite Brownie from the french bakery - Chocolate Brownie with pistachios, macadamias and dried apricots - SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We bought a lemonade and got home just after 8am - where I pretty much napped on the couch for 45minutes before BEavs arrived and took us to brunch. We went to rue de paris and met Teegs and Matt - It was so bad. My coffee was way too strong (not their fautt I guess since I didn't ask for a weak strength Latte) but I had to add like 4 packets of sugar to make it taste drinkable. I wanted a latte because they're usually milky not to strong nice for the person who doesn't feel like the caffine hit but just wants the taste - aroma of coffee -- ANyway.
We went to Rue de Paris on New Years morning for breakfast Beavs Nick, Elana and I I mean - with Rin & Jess. And it was GREAT - the service was good - it wasn't really slow, as slow as you'd expect on a public holiday I guess, the food was hot, it tasted great and we vowed we'd be back.
I ordered the same thing I got last time - the bacon and egg (bacon, egg, toast) -- except last time I got 2 extra hashbrowns this time I didn't order hashbrowns at all.

Nick, Beavs and Matt ordered the Big Breakfast - Sausages, Bacon, Mushrooms, tomato, eggs,hashbrown, toast and tegan had the Agean (panini eggs mushrooms and feta) which Nick had last time.

So we ordered and we waited and we waited and we waited, and Elana had a bottle and Elana got grumpy and so I took Elana for a walk to put her to sleep -- which I did last time.
Matt and Beavs ordered poached eggs, Nick ordered fried and I ordered scrambled. Tegans, beavs and Matts meals came out first, A few minutes later they brought out mine and Nicks -- I got fried egss and Nick had well it was I used to call scrambled omlette - when you pour your omlette mixture into the pan but you scramble it instead of cooking it like an omlette whole--- except it was burnt.
About a minute later the waitress comes back and says you ordered the fried eggs and you ordered scrambled sorry there was a mix up, and she took the plates away.

10 minutes later the same two plates came back but the eggs were swapped over. Except now the burnt "scrambled" eggs were cold and rubbery and in front me instead of Nick

I had two bites of ends, a few bites of the greasy and burnt bacon and I ate my cold toast.

Which I guess would have been okay -- if the boys didn't have bad sausages -- they were like rancid or something -- they were cooked and they looked fine but each of the 3 boys took one bite and refused the rest.

*sigh* so our next breakfast jaunt will be somewhere closer to home.

Last Friday I went to Rins and helped her pack up some stuff and clean her house. This Friday the plan is to meet up with another girlfriend and go shopping at indro -- which should be great.

And today I'm thinking about going to Indro to buy some cocoa pops and maybe some biscuits -- but I'm stilling thining about it because it's so freaking hot I don't think I want to leave the house just to satisfy my stomach.

on Feb 22, 2005
those eggs were seriously scary. maybe we should have said something to the waitress (or did you?).
on Feb 22, 2005
No Matthew was going to say something about them and the sausages. Hopefully they'd have noticed they weren't really touched - like the sausages - then again...
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