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Looking around the forums in the last couple of weeks I'm surprised at what I haven't seen, especially in the Politics or Current events categories.

Yesterday was Australia day, the day Australians celebrate the landing of the first fleet.

This morning I woke up to hear that insurgents fired at Australian troops, but didn't injure any and in a separate incident there was a suicide car bombing near the Australian embassy injuring six soldiers.
This on top of the Australian embassy in Baghdad being bombed last week killing 27 people and the Government initially saying it wasn't directed at us but retracting that after some website claimed to hitting the embassy and getting it right on target - the glass part of the building where Australian troops are being housed.

Last week the leader of the opposition stepped-down and retired from politics and so they had to find a new leader. Both candidates who were set to run against Kim Beazley pulled out of the race.

A pregnant woman in Brisbane was bashed with a baseball bat and forced to have an emergency caesarian. Mother and child are fine.

But I haven't read any artciles about any of these things on JU

I just went to and checked out their latest news page to compare it to what I saw on the news this morning. There are that many stories that I never heard about. Like an 18month old baby who was left behind after the fireworks ended. How do you not take your child home - I mean okay you might get to the car thinking the other person had him /her but once you got there surely you'd be like "Where's Johhny" Don't you have him" Oh my gosh let's call the police.
But no police are looking for the parents - putting a call out over the ABC radio

I didn't know there was flash flooding in Victoria, I knew about Nth Qld, I didn't know that a man had been charged for bashing an ambulance officer. However I know all about Nicole Kidman's house being bugged, A 26yo man being charged with 10 counts of murder for parking on a railway track and causing a train in LA to crash. and I know all about what's happening in the tennis.

What makes one story more important then others? Why is Nicole Kidman more news worthy then the Brisbane woman who got bashed, why is a car bomb that injures American troops seemingly more significant then a car bomb that kills 27 people at the Australian embassy?

Why do fellow Aussie Joeuser's feel more compelled to blog about the US then what's happening in our own backyard?

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Our first casuality Link it's big news now, I wonder how many it will take before they stop reporting
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