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Elana can match. As I've said in many previous blogs and comments Elana has a thing for the W's (not the awesome Christian band, but the letter magnets on our fridge) We gave her a second packet of letters for Christmas and so she has 2 of every letter. (except I took the letters that spelt her name E-L-A-N-A and put them on the fridge just above the point where she can reach) But now as well as the 2 W's (which are both blue) she has now started carrying around other letters both Q's which are also blue, both G's (red) boths D's (one is red the other green) both R's (yellow & purple) right now I look behind me and I see she is holding both O's (yellow & blue) she also has both S's (blue & purple) on the floor in front of her
I've also seen her with both J's and both M's quite regular (1 each of red and green)

So Elana matches.

Her other big thnig is taking the letters up and down the hallway with her - yesterday I went into her bedroom and there were 2 W's, 2 Q's and 2 Ds strewn on the floor.

She also has this thing about taking two square quatro blocks 2 red or 2 purple up to the front door and banging them on the metal door while Yelling DADADADADAD at the top of her lungs. Oh there she goes - Both O's and Elana walking up the hallway, they'll be back in a minute.

In other news I haven't blogged in ages because I haven't had anything to say - and Elana matches is the best I could come up with.

I've been so bored lately I think I need to do something useful - like a course or get a job - which I don't want to do - unless it was typing from home or something Because it occured to me what I did this weekend (at night when Elana was asleep and Nick playing WoW) was catch up on the missing 3 years of Days of Our Lives and abuse JU's teenagers because they couldn't spell if their life depended on it.

In other other news Kenny has a blog - it's very funny go there after you leave here and Australia won the 1 day game against Pakistan yesterday really convincingly.

on Jan 23, 2005
Bored or not, I thought this was a nice article.
on Jan 23, 2005
Oh, I'm such a goober --- Kenny = Toblerone good friend of Champas Socialist

Thanks Danny!
on Jan 23, 2005
you said the Ws and my heart leaped -- i'm having flashbacks to learning to skank at megan's house.

ooh a toblerone blog, i've been waiting for this for a long time!!
on Jan 23, 2005
I love the W's - but please, I odn't feel like going down memory lane, wait too late - Egyptian toilet paper, and Jimmy talking about his ideal girl and making us promise to run ours by him. Man.... Stop that I hate memory lane - Memory lane is closed for repairs!!!

It's really good! Everytime I go there I get Rock the Casbah in my head - I wonder why
on Jan 24, 2005
Good for Elana!

And what a wonderful mummy you are, Trina.
on Jan 24, 2005
Congratulations Elana
on Jan 24, 2005
Is Elana running now?

We have those letter magnets on my fridge too. My 5 year old loves them as well as my 15 and 12 year old.
They hang out in the kitchen when I make dinner and write crazy stuff. I should buy another pack.
on Jan 24, 2005
Way to go Elana, what a little smarty pants!
on Jan 24, 2005
Kelly - Almost - she tries and falls flat on her face, she gets a shock but gets back up quickly, she mostly runs to dad (obviously)

Yeah the letters are great - until they're ALL over the floor and you have to manoeuver your way around so as not to step on any - because THAT hurts. At first I just bought the second packet so I could spell out her name so she'd learn it - but I love that she matches it's really funny to watch.

Tex, IG and Jo - thanks for stopping by.
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