Published on November 8, 2004 By trina_p In Blogging

After what seems like weeks of blockage and nothing to write about - Not even blogs about Elana - I seem to be on a role this morning and I can't seem to be able to stop saying every thought that comes into my head.

And I still haven't written about my bad day. Or my irrational fears or the Chinese food I ate last night

So bare with me as I continue to spill what seems to be verbal diarrhoea of my thoughts - My brain is spilling out but it's not articluating correctly the way I think it sounds in my head
Eh screw it I'm going to write anyway

on Nov 08, 2004
Better verbal diarrhea that any other kind
on Nov 08, 2004
Yes very true, thankyou

You know I decided to feed my brain - I ate a K-time twist (apple & rasberry) and I've gone totally blank again
on Nov 08, 2004
well i just had some garlic bread which was GREAT! hopefully it will help me keep studying. mmm garlic bread....

as a side note, i think my favourite k-time flavour is the strawberry and yoghurt one.
on Nov 08, 2004
my least fvaourite is the strawberry & blackberry and I don't like yoghurt so I haven't tried the strawberry & yogurt ones but Nick ate them. He surprised me one day brought home two boxes one for me and one for his lunches.
on Nov 08, 2004
that's so sweet! i remember you saying he wouldn't buy them at one stage because he thought they weren't very cost effective?
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