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In the past couple of weeks I haven't been so excited about blogging or even reading other peoples blogs on JU as I had previously been. All that SPM vs the housewives stuff, and the Emma/Ashlee stuff has kinda made it no so fun anymore.

When I tried to write about things happening in my life that had nothing to do with Elana I got slammed by two anonymous people who somehow stumbled onto my blog (and it wasn't through referrals) and it was back up by a "friend"
I think what hurt the most is the way the "friend" told me that they'd left me a comment on one of my blogs and when I asked which one just said "You'll see - You'll Love it when you find it"

I'd been struggling with my feelings enough without the two anonymous people let alone the "friend" - I almost quit - I just didn't care. I wasn't going to delete anything and I wasn't going to write a "Goodbye cruel world - I'm leaving don't try to stop me" blog I was just going to shut down and not write anything new and not comment or read -- But I couldn't do it.
So I hid all articles pertaining to friends and other people that weren't about Elana or sport/politics - I didn't want to delete them - that would be dishonest with myself but I made them private and Wayne checked that he coudn't see them for me.

I found some shoes I want to buy at the end of the week - Colorado's - they're like female deck shoes - I like them and I'll get them if they go with a skirt/jeans/shorts - ie everything I've been looking for a pair of shoes with heels (enclosed heels or sandals) so they won't fall off my feet when I'm walking - I do alot of walking and pushing the pram up and down hills so my shoes have to be comfortable have good grips and stay on my feet -- and the only ones that fit that discription are my black leather school shoes - and they ONLY go with jeans -- they don't even go with any other pants -- just jeans - bootleg jeans.

Nick got new shoes on Saturday - for work - Brown Colorados - they're nice - not decks -- He also got some new dress pants and a new shirt -- New work clothes.
He's got his review sometime this week - which will be nice fingers crossed

This weekend we're going BED SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After six months of sleeping with our futon matress on the floor (we had a slat bed but we didn't like it - the slats kept breaking oi it was BAD) we're getting a bed we're getting a bed WE'RE GETTING A BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going to go out to oxley Super Amart by train on Saturday and have a look - and hope they deliver.

Speaking of trains - How expensive is a train trip now that they've amalgamated all three (train/bus/ferry) -- we decided to go to Clancy James (gourmet butcher/deli) yesterday (sunday) sincec we were having coffee at dancing bean which is right beside the train station it was like $8 all together just to go three stations return for one adult and a student -- How much did we take weekend farebusters for granted -- To go from Ipswich to Central I think it was yeah that -- my minds a sieve - it was cheap though.
That said we went from Zone 2 to Zone 3 meaning we could have travelled between those 2 zones all day - and zone 2 is from Toowong to Graceville and Zone 3 is Graceville to Darra -- but we only wanted to go to Sherwood - And Clancy James was closed on a Sunday after all that.
So we wandered down the street - called a friend who lived like 2 streets away from where we were but they weren't home and so we went into the furniture shop and bought some stuff at Woolies then caught the train back home - stopped at Indro for a Boost and got a sponge Roll for afternoon tea - Got home and watched the Lions game and Nicks parents bro/sis came over for afternoon tea.

Sunday night we had beef stroganoff which I LOVE!!!!!!!!! and watched Australian Idol -- I have NO Idea who's going to get in the top 10 this week - there were like 6 stand out performances for me! I hope Billie gets in but I think her mistake will cost her, I think Ricki-Lee will probably make it but I don't think she should -- I really liked Marty and Dan oh and .... oh what's his name the Robbie Williams guy.....yeah him he was good and the.. Carlos - he was good too - So far out of the six there are 4 women and 2 men - and both weeks there was 3 women and 1 guy in the top 4 and one woman always went back - So they'll be in the wildcard show next week.
Oh and Casey -- she had a beautiful voice.

Saturday we went to the markets and we got some Barramundi fillets from Gambaros, The juice man wasn't there, the Gerbera lady was though - but we didn't get any gergeras this week (nick bought daffidols on Sunday though) OH and we bought the nicest pistachio & macadamia brownie mmm mmm good.
Came home and watched the end of Rage got Elana ready and went out again - where we got Nick's shoes pants etc.
Came home and watched the last 3 or 4 episodes on Season 1 Futurama dvd and OH I had a nap - that was good but Nick woke me just before 6pm - he didn't realise the time and the baby was hungry (and half an hour late for dinner) -- so I gave her some vegies (which I steamed and froze before we went shopping) and a bottle and she went to bed and I set the table and helped Nick with the fish.
I put candles on the table and used the good plates. And we had Applemaid in champaigne glasses

The Barramundi was SOOO good. Nick made a crust of breadcrumbs, parsley and lemon juice then he poured some white wine and lemon juice in the dish and put it in the oven. We had it on a bed of crushed potatos and steamed bok choy -- but the best bit was the sauce -- we had the fish cooking juices and poured it into a couple tablespoons of cream with a little more lemon juice and some salt/pepper and poured that over the vegetables OH MY GOSH GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I finished all my meal and the last few mouthfuls of Nicks.

Then we played trivial pursuit and went to sleep.

Friday I was so exhausted - I raked up all the leaves on out front porch and carport and the pavings, I also swept and mopped out the whole house as well as the normal chores I do -- And I was finished before 10am -- I thought it was so much later but it wasn't. Oh and I cleaned out Elana's closest - packed up all her size 0000 and 000 clothes

Wednesday I went to the movies - Babes in Arms - Rin and I had Caleb & Elana and we saw Jersey Girl -- Our kids were so good - we put them on the floor with lots and lots of toys and they were so good for like an hour or more until they got hungry and Caleb went to sleep and Elana stayed on my lap until about 10minutes before the end when she got down to play again and she didn't want to leave. Afterwards we shopped -- didn't buy anything being broke from the week befores shopping but it was nice anyway.
Wednesday night Peter and Alex came over for dinner - can't remember what...Oh beef & red wine stew and mashed potato/pumpkin and we watched csi miami.
Thursday Nick bought his new monitors - Alex took him and Peter went too - But that was Kath & Kim, law & Order SVU night -- also I was reading.
I read the Alphabet Sisters -- which was really good on Thursday and the Notebook on Friday.

Sunday (previous) was Nicks birthday party (his birthday was the 2nd) he had some friends and family at the park for food (mostly the same stuff we had at our wedding reception - same chef) (Nick's dad) and chatting and vortex/soccer. It was really nice.

on Aug 22, 2004
Trina, as the real me, (as opposed to Champas who just replied to your reply on my blog), I'm glad you stayed. I didn't read the controversial blog, I only heard about it from the person I think you are referring to as "friend". I think it's a tricky issue because blogging is a good way to get things off your chest, but as you and Wayne are discovering, it's also very public and emotions run high on the internet. Besides I can't lose both Furry and you in the one week, I won't have anyobdy left to read my leftist ramblings.
on Aug 22, 2004
Thankyou the real you You're right -- I think it was also because of WHO the "friend" was - that particular person always has a way of making me feel like dirt between their toes - like I'm always doing/saying something wrong... *sigh*

Actually Champas articles were the only ones I had been regularly reading as I told you when I saw you the other day - I find then insightful and interesting and not just because I know the author - it helps that they're Australian cause I know a bit more about Australian politics then the next to nothing I know about USA.
I know who I like and that's pretty much it - I'm a gut voter and I think I'm voting Labor this year -- interestingly and I didn't even remember this except I read it in an old diary - but I voted Liberal in 2001 - I'm partly responsible *shhh* don't tell anyone
on Aug 23, 2004
hey there i'm glad you didn't leave too. the internet's a funny place, i think you just have to remember why you're here in the first place -- for yourself, not others. it sounds like you had a good week too, i'm glad! love you heaps chicken, and this post contains many e-hugs!! see you soon i hope
on Aug 25, 2004
As the "friend" involved in this scenario i'd like to apologise to you Trina. I wasn't aware i made you feel like that and my goal wasn't to upset you. My point was simply that whilst I agree that blogging is for you to release sometimes it's not the best place because it is a public forum other people read. Some you know, most you probably don't. So just look out because if it isn't taken the right way people can be hurt, as was the case when I said you'd love what I wrote, I'm combative and forget that others aren't.

So please accept my apologies and see i meant you no harm.
on Aug 25, 2004

trina, as far as i can see, you meant no harm and have nothing to be sorry for. it would be different if you used your blog to slander people, but i did read the posts in question at the time, and all i could see was how terribly upset you were (as anybody would be in the circumstances), and how much you cared for your friend.

i agree this is a public place, but it is also filled with people who have a genuine interest in you and your wellbeing. i consider it an honour to be able discuss meaningful things with you. trina, this may just be the internet, but i know enough about you to be able to tell that you are are a good person, and you need never apologise for that.

i enjoy your blogs regardless of the subject, and i do hope you'll keep up blogging .

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