...and it only took 8hours
Published on August 12, 2004 By trina_p In Blogging
After an EXTREMELY unmotivated bored out of my brain completely unproductive day, I'm dressed, the washing up is done and Elana's bottles are made.

And it only took 8hours

Normally I get up at 6:45am make Elana's cereal and Nick's sandwiches, put the kettle on for Elana's bottle and switch the coffee machine on.
Then Nick goes to work at 8am and I wash the dishes from the night befores dinner and breakast, wash out and sterilise Elana's bottles, put her down for a sleep go put some clothes on, have a shower,
Strike that - reverse it.
Make up said bottles and turn on the computer to see what's happened on JU overnight. About 10ish I get Elana up from her nap and give her some juice soaked rice-cereal and a bottle and watch her explore the wooden the floorboards the stereo speakers and the dining chairs - more then likely while I'm on bot Psi talking to Nick and whoever else and surfing JU and playing mahjong.
Then Elana will have another sleep about 1:30 to 2ish she'll eat around 2:30/3 and Watch Hi5 from 3:30 til 4

Okay so today I did all the normal stuff before Nick went to work - and after he left I just could not be stuffed washing up -- possibly because we had Beef Strogganof for dinner last night and he used the big pot for the buttered pasta and the wok for the strog plus the bread board and the plates and stuff
and the bottles didn't get done cause - well I hate making up bottles

So a few minutes ago I replyed to one of the wonderful Vanessa's blogs (go Mig) and I realised that it was almost 2pm and I had done NOTHING -- so I stood up filled up the sink, and washed one lot of dishes, then I emptied the sink and rinsed out and sterilised the bottles then did another load of washing up - including the pots and wok.
Then I filled the bottles with hot water and got the baby up from her nap.
Put powder in the bottles - shook and put them in the fridge, wiped down the bench put away all the clean and dry dishes and went and changed out of my pjamas into my jeans

And it only took 8hours *sigh*

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