Published on August 4, 2004 By trina_p In Blogging
It was roughly this time 15 weeks ago (april 22) that I wrote my first blog - it seems like much longer and then again not that long ago.

107 articles
496 replies
6 pages (I remember being excited when it was just 2) Link
numerous irrelevant comments on other peoples articles (I wonder if anyone has those numbers - I wonder who has the most comments in total ever)

Since this is my 108th blog and 108 holds no significant importance to anything I'm just going to write about well nothing.

I think some of my most favourite articles are the ones virtually noone has read and noone has commented on.

like One of the best things -Link
or I wanna be like Oprah parts 1 Link & 2 Link
I loved the randomness of my list of tv shows Link and it's followup about movies Link

I tried my hand in the art sectiion by posting some of my really bad poetry - I'm not surprised noone read some of it - but I thought one or two were okay -- then again compared to the artists on JU....
Link Link Link Link Link Link

and my attempts at commenting on Society issues of the day fell to almost deaf ears Link Link

as did my foray into the Sport & Leisure forum Link Link Link Link Link Link Link

And don't even get me started on the blogs were I was TRYING to be funny Link or interesting Link Link

This is like a clipshow midseason on a tv show - like friends or the simpsons

Okay done - just think of this article as my very own you don't visit me cry for attention yay I've written 100 articles blog - ok please go about your daily business and we'll talk again at 216 (or 30weeks whichever comes first)

on Aug 05, 2004
I love it how you just seem to redirect what you are thinking directly to the page...
Just so raw and likeable
on Aug 05, 2004
Trina~ You are awesome, keep on blogging sister!
on Aug 05, 2004
Hi Trina,

This may be a weird question, but I read something someone on here had written about the "Emma and Shawn saga", and when I was looking into it, I realised that you may know what it was? I'm really intrigued! I hope I'm not stepping over any lines, or on any toes, but it really got my curiosity going...

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