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I have Matchbox 20 in my head - It just popped in - I was thinking about the first line I was going to type - what to say when suddenly "It's sitting by the overcoat, The second shelf, the note she wrote That I can't bring myself to throw away "

I don't have a clue why that line popped in my head and I don't know my my mind skipped the rest of the verse and went on to "And I'm soTerrified of no one else but meI'm here all the time I won't go away "

Reach down your hand in your pocket
Pull out some hope for me
It's been a long day, always ain't that right
And no Lord your hand won't stop it
Just keep you trembling
It's been a long day, always ain't that right

*sigh* - why am I singing Long Day when it's only 9:30am - The day's bearly started - I'm not in any partricular kind of mood and the first thing that comes to my head when I decide I'm going to write a blog is the lyrics to Long Day - that's a little strange.

I opened my "Your baby this week" newsletter this morning it said Your 7month old fourth week (and I freaked - 4th week - she's almost 8months holy crap!!!)

Any day now, your baby will try feeding herself. She may let you know about her new goal by grabbing a spoon and, eventually, guiding it into her mouth. Let her experiment, and forgive the mess — it's helping her learn a new skill. You'll have to be patient, too, since she won't fully master the trick of feeding herself till after her first birthday. If you haven't already, make mealtimes family times. It's never too soon for eating together to become a habit, and it will give you and your partner a chance to catch up with each other.

*sigh* - Do I have to - she's been trying to grab the spoon for weeks now - trying to plunge her hands into the bowl where she then wipes all the food over her entire face - rubs her eyes puts her thumb in her full mouth - "forgive the mess" HAH - you don't have to clean it up - rice cereal when dry goes hard and cakey on a baby's face - and Elana refuses to let you wipe it off - so it goes cakey on her eyebrows, nose, ears - wherever she's rubbed while I wasn't looking - it's disgusting.

A couple of days ago I told you she hated peas. Which is true - peas by themselves get met with refusal to open mouth and rasberries - BUT 2 frozen cubes of carrot mixed with half a cube of peas a teaspoon of rice cereal and a tablespoon of milk stirred and heated for 20 seconds goes down marvellously - although it looks kinda yucky - the green of the peas mixed with the orange of the carrots makes a weird orangey brown with green spots of non pulsed enough peas.

Speaking of colours - I had (did I mention this already?) Yes I did - the 1, 2 3 - thing - Well she did it again - but she doesn't laugh when Daddy says it - which is funnier then he laughing at the colour PINk - pick up the pink mouse and say pink and she's in hysterics.

We didn't have a very good night last night or the night befroe - last night was worse --- she's had the sniffles. Monday night she went to bed but kept waking up - at one stage I went in and picked her up and burped her and she seemed fine so I put her back down but she worked herself up so much - we thought it was her teeth giving her pain so we tried giving her some panadol and she threw up - she actually made herself sick - we changed her and comforted her and when we knew there was nothing else we could do we put her down and a few minutes later she was asleep.

Last night was bad - I'd had a headache all evening it had come on suddenly about 4pm that afternoon and remained until after I fell asleep It was just after 9:30 when we decided to go to bed and not watch Rove/CSI but watch Fawlty Towers instead when she woke up. Nick's like "How does she know?" "How does she know when we're about to go to bed and why does she wake up then?"
I left her for a couple of minutes - I didn't think she was really awake but she got louder so I went in and rolled her back onto her back and replaced her dummy (pacifier) but she wasn't happy - she was really really sniffly with a runny nose - but how impossible is it to actually get a 7month old to "blow" "hey Elana blow your nose" -- she won't even let us wipe her nose - and because of this she couldn't sleep - but because of my headache I didn't want to be patient enough to stay up with her or play any games so I wiped her nose under protest, rolled her onto her back and left after replacing her dummy and turning the music back on - I fell asleep before she did but I think Nick went in again - Eventually she drifted off - but I know she didn't stay on her back - so I refused to get out of bed this morning until Nick came back and told me she was awake - he said he peeked through the crack in her door and saw that she was lying on her tummy staring at the crack in the door and smiling waiting for it to open - Then I got up - I'm such a worrier.

Breakfast this morning was leftover chicken & couscous from last nights dinner which was nice and Elana ate all her cereal - then she had a sleep - unfortunately her nose is still runny - I tried to give her some panadol but she was too wiggly - she refused her cereal and is now refusing the bottle - so I'll leave it for a little bit and try again in half an hour.

I have a whole stack of library books I can't be bothered starting - none of the covers are appealing to me and none of the blurbs are either - I'm sure they're all great books but I just can't be bothered - and I haven't opened Angels & Demons yet - Nick said it was good - and I loved the DaVinci Code - I dunno - I'm just not in the mood for reading.

I am in the mood for a quarter pounder Remember the Simpsons episode where Lou the cop says to the chief
I went to the McDonalds over in Shelbyville the other day.
Chief Wiggum: The Mc-what?
Lou: Yeah, I never heard of it either but they say they have over 2000 locations in this state alone.
Eddie: Hmm... Must've sprung up over night.
Lou: But you know, its the little differences.
Chief Wiggum: Example?
Lou: Well at a McDonalds you can get a Krusty Burger with cheese. But they don't call it a Krusty Burger with cheese.
Chief Wiggum: Get out. What do they call it?
Lou: A quarter pounder with cheese.
Chief Wiggum: Quarter pounder with cheese... well I can see the cheese but? Hey, do they have Krusty's Partially Gelatinated Gum-Based beverages?
Lou: Yeah, they call them 'shakes.'
Eddie: *Pfft* 'Shakes.' You don't know what you're gettin'.

I love that - yeah I'd like a quarter pounder right now - it's really strange I went through my whole pregnancy and I didn't eat McDonalds at all and now when I go shopping with Rin unless we go to the Coffee Club or something I always end up at Maccas.
I vary it though - sometimes I have a McChicken with no Mayo - they always put WAY too much on.

My ideal way to spend today would be to walk next door -- this is ideal it doesn't have to be true and order a quarter pounder McValue meal --- By the way I didn't see Super Size me but I do know that Alex went to the USA last year and he said that Americans put sugar in everything - he had subway he said and they actualy had a "sugar free bread" -- No wonder he got so sick - I mean apart from eating nothing but Maccas for 30days straight.
Maccas in Aus has this new Salads plus menu - I don't like it much - its basically air-plane food - I had their Caesar Salad -- mmm quality - Not! -- Where was I? Oh yeah dream day - I love Maccas coke - the oh the word has just left my mouth - I can't remember the word for softdrink out of the thingy from mcdonalds not out of a can/bottle -- the coke syrup stuff
Oh who care.
Either way in my dream fantasy there'd be a McDonalds next door - it would also have a video shop next to it because the Video shop in Indro is like ages away. My dream day Elana would be a good girl - she'd get her own cereal okay maybe not - but she'd eat it without complaint - maybe even ask for more and she'd play on the floor - which she does anyway while I lay on the couch - I think it should be raining - justification for laying on the couch and watching a DVD
Now I haven't decided what I want to watch - if its something I have or haven't seen yet - because what if I don't like it and I just wasted my dream day watching something I didn't like because I hadn't seen it - maybe there was a reason I hadn't already seen it... - yeah like... I don't know but it's possible right.

So -- know I love Tom Hanks and I love Meg Ryan - but I can't stand them together -- they made 3 movies that I can think of off the top of my head and I don't particularly like either one of them. Joe vs the Volcano is just stupid, Sleepless in Seatle is whiney and You've got Mail is just annoying.
Yet I LOVE when Harry met Sally, I LOVE Kate & Leopold I love Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan Catch Me if You can and I LOVE a League of their own and The Gren Mile. I liked Bonfire of the vanities - but it probably had more to do with Bruce Willis - I like his Comedy roles - my favourite is Hudson Hawk (which I got for christmas) I really liked Moonlighting.-- oi what was I saying - , Tom hanks - I didn't like Cast Away - Oh I LOVED Philedelphia.
And Meg - I hated Addicted to Love

Anyway - Today I'd well you know I'd like to watch a League of their Own - I Love that movie -- I love Geena Davis in thet movie - Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell were good too - I Love Tom Hanks and I love the friendships and the storyline and it's Penny Marshall - I love most or hers and her brothers movies, Beaches I Love!!! Pretty Woman i LOVE!! the other sister liked, Runaway Bride I eventually grew to love Princess Diaries i LOVE!!!!!!! and Raising Helen - I really really liked that movie if I saw it again I just might Love it !!
And they're making a Princess Diaries 2 -

I'm such a kid

I saw White Oleander the other month - I'd read the book and I didn't like it all that much but I knew who was cast in the movie and I really like all of the actresses - but I didn't like the movie either.
I Loved The Deep End of the Ocean - they movie was good too but if you've read the book don't see the movie - if you've seen the movie - read the book.

I've totally gotten off the track - I can't even remember what the original subject was.

Oh I watched Australian Idol last night - so far I haven't seen the next Australian Idol - but I'm sure they're there somewhere -- there was this chick who Mark, Dicko & Marcia thought were so good that she didn't have to be judged with the rest of her group (they were doing the back line front line thing) they told her she shouldnt have to be compared to the rest of that lot and she should go outside they rest of them should go wait up the back while they discussed who they wanted to keep - I think they kept like 3 of the 10. - It was pretty poor and isn't very encouraging for the rest of them.
She said she felt really bad - As you would.

That's all I have to say right now but I might blog again later

on Jul 28, 2004

You know, that "x number of Short Films from Springfield," is my favorite episode of The Simpsons.  (That's the one with the police men at the restaraunt talking like "Pulp Fiction.")

I laughed my head off the first time that I saw that segment where Principal Skinner's kitchen burned down while he had the superintendent of schools over for dinner.

on Jul 28, 2004
MMM steamed hams

That's not a fire that's Aurora Borialis
Aurora Borialis? in your kitchen
Can I see it?
Arh no
on Aug 03, 2004
australian idol... how i love it

who's your favourite so far? i like the amelie-slash-majella christenson lookalike who sang "pretty boy" and that billie girl -- i don't know how to describe her except to say she's like a .... rose or something.

of the boys -- that ben eaton guy is cool but a bit boring. and all the other guys seem to be, well, pretty boys. and i really can't stand that.
on Aug 03, 2004
You mean Chanel? - the one who they put through before everyone else

I think this week will be the most interesting of all -- they seem to have all the favourites in this first group of 10 and they can't put them all through -- Like Chanel and that cowboy and that girl with the funny teeth and dreds

They did that last year too -- put a whole heap of really good singers in one week and a bunch of crap ones the week after -- so some REALLY good singers -- like Jen Pearl and Stu Campbell got sent home and some moderately talented ones like Kelly and Lauren and Matt and Cosima ugh got through instead


on Aug 03, 2004
You suck Trina... now I have Matchbox 20 stuck in my head...

My mate has a tatoo on his leg - it's the chinese character for hapiness, and we used to sing

"Happiness is a tattoo that sits on his leg" to substitute the normal line... I think that's funny.

Laugh godamn it!!!

Jamie - is that the episode with really tall dude in the small car that Nelson laughs at? hehe... too funny.

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