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I'd like to write a really profound thought provoking blog someday.

But I doubt that day will come soon - but I still want to blog about something so in celebration of my own insane randomness I'm just going to keep talking about whatever pops into my head and post it.

About 3 minutes ago I walked out into the lounge to turn the kettle on and the radio was on - it was All Star United - I love all star united but I'm not a fan of the particular song that was being played by the radio dj man. If We were Lovers - I don't think I've ever really liked this song - it has weird music or something but the thing I really don't like about it is what it reminds me of -
Do you remember that random email quiz you got where you had to get a piece of paper and write down 1-5 (or 10 or something) and then you had to write the first thing that came into your head and it would reveal stuff about you.
So you had to name one person of the opposite sex and three other names and then some songs and stuff.

and who ever you wrote first was the person you loved, and one was your best friend and one was someone you liked but coudn't figure out -- and the songs matched the people
So I did this quiz and I wrote down the people that were online at the time and the songs on my napster playlist at the time - So Rocco immediately is now associated with If we were Lovers - which is just strange in itself but yeah - weirdness.

I don't miss 2001 - okay maybe parts of it - but 2001 pretty much sucked - If I think about it there's a handful of occassions I liked - so much crap happened -- so many people got hurt by stuff and nothing has ever been the same since. Noone has been the same since - not that thats a bad thing I mean people change and grow and stuff - but still..... I don't miss 2001 -
I do miss 2002 - I miss the Schmiggles, I miss Jules - Actually you know I might miss 2001 a little - I miss Matt of 2001 and the Beechy of 2001
I miss Jules!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss Jules heaps
I'd like to redo 2003 - I'm not sure what I'd change - but I miss Varns and I missed Jules, Rin and Teegs - I kinda alienated myself from everyone for about 8months after Jules left it wasn't until August -infact this time last year that I even really came back.

I was almost annoyed at Rin - even though she was my best friend and I was ashamed to be around T&V - I was ashamed because I wasn't ashamed - I wasn't unhappy or guilty or anything and I felt they'd make me feel like that - I still do sometimes. I felt so alone that whole year - not that Nick wasn't fantastic - he was - I just... yeah - I was pregnant and I had so many questions that weren't answered in my books and I couldn't even find the info on the net - JU would have been great but I didn't know it existed and all my married with children friends were working and stuff

Elana is so wonderful - she had her first swing yesterday - we look pictures she was so excited. Saturday afternoon I worked her up so much - for some reason counting is highly amusing. I knew she laughed if I stacked the rings on her head - 1 2 3 4 and they fell off and she'd giggle like mad - but without touching her or the rings I just said 1 2 3 4 and she was in hysterics so I said 1 3 2 4 2 -- just the words and she was hysterical - then I tried other words - purple orange green - purple was the funniest but green got a big reaction too.
I worked her up so much she wouldn't drink her bottle. Gosh it was funny.

Today I met with this woman doing research for her doctorate - she approached me on Saturday when Nick Elana and I were having coffee at Bread of France before our shopping - she's doing research about what mums do when planning holidays and what they do in their leisure time - she bought coffee for herself and myself and she taped our conversation - I don't think I was very much help since I've never been on holiday with or without Elana - I haven't been on holiday since that weekend my parents were at the coast fior the week and I stayed with them the friday to sunday and went back home for the rest of the 2 weeks they were away.

OH I can't believe I forgot - the biggest news is Nick Graduated - he had his ceremony on Friday afternoon - In the morning I talked to Mugs & CS Guy and Ashley on msn while kept abreast of the controversy on JU - my mil and sister in law came about 1:30 and we went to the uni - mat up with Nick and his dad & brother. Elana was SO good throughout the ceremony - we got put in the row with all the other babys and prams, she had half her bottle, and decided she couldn't see so she had to stand on Granpops knees - She loved it - it was like a Giant TV (they had two projector screens with everything on the stage being projected)
Afterwards we took photos of Nick in his cap&gown in the great court and then we decided we needed to eat.
After much discussion we decided on the German bakery - formerly Theo's -- James & Kim would go while Val Nick Natalie Elana and I went back to their house to change Vals shoes and use the bathroom. But the restuarant wasn't open for dinner so James and Kim came back to their house to discuss it further - in the end we went to Prima Vera Cafe at Corinda - when we got there they said they could fit us in if we were out by 7pm - we said fine and quickly decied what to order - it was the fastest menu perusal decision I had ever made - I'm really bad with a menu! I chose the fettuccine cabonara with chicken, Kim had the same without chicken, Val had Gnocchi, Nick had Risotto and James had Pizza - partway through - I think it was while waiting for the meals the manager told us we didn't have to rush because the people booked for 7pm at the table we're at called and changed their reservation for 6 to 4 - so they moved them.
So we got to order dessert - mmm Nick and I both had Baci (hazelnut, frangelico and white chocolate mousse on a chocolate biscuit base oh my god was that gooood!!!!) Kim had apple struddle, Val had strawberry & almold shortcake, James had Mango Charlotte and Natalie had vanilla ice-cream with chocolate topping.
Around this time Elana decided she'd had enough so we finished up - the waitress wrapped mine & Nicks half finished dessert and we went home - it was just after 7pm when we left. Interestingly enough Kim & Val knew the peoples who's table we stole - and they were waiting for it after all - because one of the couples cancelled so the wife called and made it from 6 people to 4 people but the husband didn't know that and invited 2 other people to bring it back to 6

Saturday was a good night for sport on TV - a Lions game on channel 10 and a Bronco's game on channel 9 - it's really strange flipping channels - I never realised how slow league was compared to AFL - Both teams won.
The lions absolutely flogged the Crows -- 189 - 48 which put the Lions on the top of the ladder in front of St Kilda
The broncos beat Manly 26-12 - They're still 3rd on the ladder

Mr Frog and Davey will be happy to note that Elana doesn't like peas.

She does like carrot potato and sweet potato - but she can't eat potato or sweet potato

she also likes apple juice and orange juice mixed with her cereal - and she loves bread rusks

I think thats all I have to say for now - I sent some photos to Wayne I'll link them when he sends me the link

That's all I have to say about that

on Jul 26, 2004
that was fun to read!

i'm sorry if i make you feel ashamed, i don't want to make you feel that way. and i'm sorry if i did in the past too.

i want that baci stuff -- i nearly drooled when you described it

now i want to go and find one of those stupid quizzes and do it and post my results

2001.... nah i don't miss that either. all the good parts of it (ie friends etc) i still have now and my life is way way way way waaay better now too

love you... see you soon
on Jul 26, 2004

Davey gave Elana the thumbs up and said "welcome to the pea haters club"..


on Jul 26, 2004
I've looked in all my email accounts and folders but I've found no quizes - I only kept serious emails it would seem.

The Baci was GOOD - I'd just finished eating the rest of it while I was typing my blog

at Karen & Davey
on Jul 27, 2004
Trina, I love your blogs--even when you say it's just going to be rambling--it's always interesting.

As for those quizzes...I remember them clearly. It's funny how if it worked out the way I wanted it to--said the right stuff about the right people, I had full faith. But if it said something whacked out, like I was in love with the burger flipper at Burger King, then all quizzes were evil and who thought of those dumb things! Kind of the same as MASH--did y'all do that in Australia?

Sounds to me like you've got a great group of friends--not sure you could ask for much more out of life!

As for 2001--I'm in the minority, but I would go back in a heartbeat! I like where I am now, and who I am now, but back then I was living overseas--i'd do it all over again if I had the chance!
on Jul 27, 2004
Shades - MASH - is that like MATCH (mansion, appartment, teahouse, condo, house) and you wrote down 6 guys names and 6 numbers and six types of car good & bad and then you drew the snail and however many rings you counted that and crossed off names numbers etc off the list until it found who you'd marry where you'd live, what you'd drive and how many kids you had?

Those were shocking but we were still playing MATCH in 2001 - remember Teegs?

on Jul 27, 2004
That's it! Only ours was Mansion, apartment, Shack, House...the rest is the same!
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