Published on July 6, 2004 By trina_p In Life Journals
I moved this because I really liked it and it got bumped by my Orgin nonsense article and I didn't want to delete them but I still wanted that article to be on top

and because I can I just want to say - I love this song
Hunters and Collectors - Throw your Arms around Me everybody go out now and buy a Hunters & Collectors CD - with songs like throw your arms around me, when the river runs dry and THE HOLY GRAIL you can't go wrong.

Go now!!

on Jul 07, 2004
Thanks Trina..

That was such an inspiration to read! Im gonna go sit have a coffee now and really think about some stuff in my life. Im glad to see you are happy and have found some peace with where you are at now. Its so nice to read your experience because it not only inspires but for me tells me everything is ok in my world too.
on Jul 07, 2004
Really nice read. I'm so glad to hear when people like themselves. I am a firm believer that you can not truly love another before you love yourself.
on Jul 07, 2004
hi trina.

i like your "personal" blogs. i feel like i'm sitting there with tim-tams and tea

"learning to be happy about how i got to be this way" ... what a lovely thought. i'm going to try that one myself sometimes.

vanessa/mig XX
on Jul 07, 2004
YA - I likey very much!

I read through some emails I sent to my ex a couple of years ago... not only was I a LOSER - I dont know what i was doing consorting with her type!!! hehehe... hindsight is both fun, and a bitch!

on Jul 07, 2004

I like Trina.  I like that you got to rediscover your journey to who you are now....and that you recognize that 2 years from now, whilst you might not be as harsh on yourself, you'll probably be sitting there saying the same thing. 

It's like the title of that Maya Angelou book  - 'Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey Now'.  It's true.  Who we are today is shaping who we will be tomorrow, and who we were yesterday plays a big part in who we are now.

Hmm....I must try and fomnd some of these tim tams everyone's talking about.

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