Published on May 4, 2004 By trina_p In Current Events
In the last month we've had like 4 public holidays. I mean April 9 was Good Friday, April 12 was Easter Monday - no work those days. Then we had a full work week - then Monday 26th April was the Anzac Day public holiday because it was Anzac day on the previous sunday (25th) and then yesterday was Labour Day - actually that was only in QLD where I am but still - that's alot of holidays. If I still lived in Ipswich then I'd get another public holiday next week for the Ipswich Show but since I'm in Brisbane I get the Ekka peoples day which is in August.
But that's the last of them until June - Queens Birthday Holiday

There's a debate going on in the papers about a poll that we have too many public holidays

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