Published on April 22, 2004 By trina_p In Current Events
The best thing in the world is when the whingy baby who doesn't want to go to sleep even though she's rubbing her eyes profusely, while rolling around on the mat trying to hide actually falls asleep. You think hey she's quieter then she was 2 minutes ago and your heart jumps into your mouth as you walk into the room only to see that little contented baby breathly softly and evenly with her eyes closed and her blanket in her hand tucked around her chin. And you breathe a sigh of relief then smile with joy because you just realise that a) you'd cut of your right and left arm for that being and 2) you've got at LEAST a half hours peace to go and do some washing, sit down and have a coffee or have a shower or anything non baby related before she's up and running again.


on Aug 05, 2004
I want one too! They sound too cute for you to be having all the fun! Do you know where a good store is that I could get a good deal on one? I know you probably get what you pay for, but I don't wanna be ripped off by some freak who just wants to take my hard-earned!

Maybe I could order one from the internet... I could get one of the lil' angels custom made and probably free shipping to boot!

*goooooogle.... here google!*
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