Your brother in law calls at 7am to tell your husband that blood elves are now to become paladins and that's like THE biggest news ever.
on Jul 21, 2006
Well, it IS the biggest news ever! -Zoomba, Lvl 60 Paladin, Durotan
on Jul 21, 2006
Pally's are over rated ... Shamandin, Lvl 60 Human Priest, Garona.

'course, since my wife plays a pally (Cyclona, Lvl 36, Garona) I have to put up with 'em.
on Jul 22, 2006
Nick's a Lvl 60 Hunter he has two lvl 60 Dwarf Hunters one of Frostmourne and one on Proudmore?. And I feel dirty knowing this

He wants me to learn how to play so I can farm for him while he's at work.
on Jul 22, 2006
Hehe. My wife learned to play (initially) as a defensive mechanism ... if she wanted to spend time with me, she'd better learn to play (and like) the game.

Sadly, now she's more addicted than I am ...
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