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Yesterday we went to Kindermusik on the bus and Lady (maroon thomas the tank engine train) came too she got driven over the seats at the bus stop, driven over the seats and walls on the bus she carried it the whole walk to Kindermusik and back and picked her up as soon as the lesson was over . "Doors closing please stand clear mmmmmmmmmmm" Which is of course what the Electric trains in QLD say/sound like as they pull out of the station and Lady is a steam train.
Kids Got Issues.
After Elana's nap we went shopping and picked up our layby after lunch. Rin had to go and find a belt for her son and asked Elana if she wanted to go with her or stay with me in the layby line and Elana was going to go until she realised she'd have to leave me and freaked out. "Mummy mummy mummy mummy" so Rin left her with me but she still didn't calm down.
So I said "Elana we're waiting in the layby line so we can pick up your Vulture" Link "Bolture?! Bolture!! Bolture Bolture Bolture" No Idea what the people in the layby line must of thought this little girl throwing a tantrum then being placated by the thought of a Vulture - it is kinda morbid.

This afternoon after her sleep (this morning we went to Gran & Pops house to surprise Gran on her birthday and we cae back for Elana's nap so she didn't play at home at all) she got up in a bit of a grizzly mood and she comes downstairs and Nick says "What are you going to play with" "BOLTURE" and she finds him Link under the couch and then goes to find "Yady" and proceeds to alternatively drive the train and jump the plastic vulture over the couch and daddy's briefcase and other things in the lounge room.

Kid's got Issues.

Oh and have I told you about Green Day? Her favourite song is "Wake me Up When September Ends" and she'll ask for it to be played about 40times a day everyday. "Wakeye up September ends"??? She's knows almost the whole song she loves it.
The other songs she asks for and sings daily is the "Happy Days theme song" "Sunday Monday hapbee days"??? she loves that too Nick tried to teach her to say "Aaaay" like the Fonz but she just says Bee then Cee and pretty soon the whole alphabet

Kid's Got Issues.

on Mar 11, 2006
Her issue is that she's ADORABLE! That is to cute!
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