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Elana - ABC?
Mummy - You want to do your ABC?
Elana - A (aye)
Mummy - A
Elana - B (bee)
Mummy - B
Elana - C (see)
Mummy - C
Elana - F (eff)
Mummy - D
Elana - F
Mummy - E
Elana - F
Mummy - F
Elana - G (gee)
Mummy - G
Elana - J (jay)
Mummy - H
Elana - I (eye)
Mummy - I
Elana - J
Mummy - J
Elana - L (ohl)
Mummy - K
Elana - L (el)
Mummy - L
Elana - P (pee)
Mummy - M
Elana - P
Mummy - N
Elana - P
Mummy - O
Elana - P
Mummy - P
Elana - Q R S (que, arh, ess)
Mummy - Q R S
Elana - TUV (tee,you,bee)
Mummy - T U V
Elana - W (wahwahwoo)
Mummy - W
Elana - X (exx)
Mummy -X
Elana - Y & Z (why en zed)
Mummy - Y & Z
E - Now I know my ABC (now ni no my aye bee see)
Mummy - Now I know my ABC
Elana - Next time won't you (ness time woambu)
Mummy - Next time won't you
Elana - sing with me (sing bith me)

**ETA - I wrote this and saved it about a week ago but due to JU being down I couldn't post it. Since then Elana has started saying D and E but continues to say P for M,N,O & P. She has also slowed down and is saying Q, R, S individually and no longer running them together. But this development was only since yesterday.
We're working on the rest

on Feb 28, 2006
I was wondering where you;d got to just yesterday!

Elana's been keeping you busy, I see....and she's doing tremendously well with her ABC's! She's what, 25 months old now?
on Feb 28, 2006
trina--I love these posts. I don't always respond, but they always make me smile. Glad to hear that you and Elana are doing well.
on Mar 01, 2006

How old is she??  25 months?  wow! 

this sure was cute

thanks for the trip back in time

on Mar 02, 2006
She's almost 27months now. (on march 6)

I posted about a month ago with a massive update about what she was doing - Link
Guess everyone missed it

Thanks everyone glad to see you here.
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